Chapter 13 (8)

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  1. Describe the Central sulcus?
    Deep groove dividing anterior frontal lobe from more posterior parietal lobe.
  2. Describe the Precentral gyrus?
    • Anterior to central sulcus.
    • Contains primary motor cortex.
  3. Describe the Postcentral gyrus?
    • Posterior to central sulcus
    • Contains primary somatosensory cortex
    • Receives sensory information from body
  4. Describe the Parieto-occipital sulcus?
    Separates parietal and occipital lobes
  5. Describe the Lateral sulcus?
    Separates frontal and temporal lobes
  6. Describe the insula.
    • An “island” of cortex
    • Medial to lateral sulcus
  7. Describe the motor cortex.
    Neurons here are called pyramidal cells because of their shape.
  8. Describe the Somatic motor association area.
    Responsible for coordination of learned movements.
  9. Describe the sensory cortex.
    Receives somatic sensory information from receptors for touch, pressure, pain, vibration, taste, or temperature
  10. Describe the Somatic sensory association area.
    Monitors activity in primary sensory cortex
  11. Describe the Gustatory cortex.
    Area within insula that receives taste receptor information
  12. Describe the olfactory cortex.
    Receives olfactory receptor information
  13. Describe the Auditory complex.
    • Primary auditory cortex: Monitors auditory (sound) information
    • Auditory association area: Monitors sensory activity in auditory cortex and recognizes sounds, such as spoken words
  14. Describe the visual cortex.
    • Primary visual cortex: Receives information from lateral geniculate nuclei
    • Visual association area: Monitors activity in visual cortex and interprets results (Example: recognizing “c” “a” “r” together is the word “car”)
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