Mort Law Chapter 1

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  1. This is a rule of civil conduct issued by a sovereign state commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong. They are governmental rules that govern conduct and carry a penalty for violation
  2. Business law
    is concerned primarily with those rules of conduct prescribed by government for the performance of business transactions.
  3. are not laws because they are not adopted by the
    Religious beliefs and social morals
  4. The American legal system we have today is primarily based on
    English legal system of common law and equity.
  5. what is common law?
    1. system of judge-made law which was developed in England and brought to this country.

    2. statutory law by the colonies and later by the states.
  6. 1.system of law developed through judicial decisions based upon what the courts considered right and just
    2. provides for fairness and does not award damages
  7. These differentiate the parts of the governements to its citizens.
  8. ordinances
    written law made by cities
  9. offences against society
  10. Define negligence
    failure to exercise reasonable care toward another person
  11. private or civil wrongs against an individual or injuries, other than breaches of contracts, for which damages may be recovered.
    tort law
  12. Ethics
    is the study of the morality of conduct, its motives, and duties. Ethics is the study of the morality of conduct, its motives, and duties.
  13. Injunctive powers
    power to issue cease-and-desist orders
  14. court's temporary order forbidding an action
    Restraining order
  15. Injunction
    court's permanent order forbidding a specific action
  16. appellate court decisions that establish precedented principles
    Case law
  17. any fundamental or important law or edict

    document that contains fundamental principles of a government
  18. an agency of federal government created in 1914 to promote free and fair competition by prevention of trade restraints, price fixing, false advertising, and other unfair methods of competition
    Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) -
  19. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.)
    a governmental agency with the responsibility for regulatory and enforcement of safety and health matters for most employees
  20. Prosecutor or district attorney
    government employee who brings criminal actions
  21. an act showing inherent baseness or vileness of principle or action; shameless wickedness; depravity
    Moral turpitude
  22. the intentional failure to perform a manifest duty in reckless disregard of the consequences as affecting the life or property of another
    Gross negligence
  23. improper or negligent professional act by a professional person
  24. Collection of laws, rules, or regulations
  25. Statute
    Law enacted by legislative bodies
  26. Custom which has come to be recognized as binding by the courts is
    common law
  27. Principle or ideal bassd on religious beliefs, experience, culture, and scientific knowledge
  28. t/f. laws are based on societys judgment of what is right and wrong.
  29. t/f. law regulates any unethical behavior that harms others
  30. t/f. Codes of ethics are purely voluntary guidlines.
  31. A major root of american law
  32. this is custom that has come to be recognized by the courts as binding on the community.
    common law
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