Mort Law Chapter 2

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  1. trial court
    court that hears and tries a case for the first time
  2. court that reviews decisions of lower courts
    appelate court
  3. what is a special federal court
    • 1. limited subject matter
    • 2.
  4. federal district court
    • 1. federal crimes
    • 2. primary federal court
    • 3. different states and 75k
  5. federal courts of appeals
    • 1. patent and claim cases
    • 2. appeals from federal district courts
  6. list the state courts from lowest to highest.
    • 1. inferior courts
    • 2. court of original jurisdiction
    • 3. appelate courts
    • 4. special courts
  7. what is an aka for summons
  8. what is a probate court?
    courts with jurisdiction over estates.
  9. chief officer of the court.
  10. justice of the peace
    chief officer of an inferior court
  11. court officer overseeing disposition of a case
    Trial justice
  12. chief officer of an inferior court
  13. court of record's executive officer
  14. executive officer of a federal court
  15. Attorney (lawyer)
    person licensed to represent others in court
  16. an answer is also known as
  17. charging a person with a crime and asking for that person's plea
  18. summons or process
    notice of suit
  19. discovery consisting of an oral examination of a party or witnes outsie of court.
  20. t/f. there is only one court system in the us, and this system includes both the federal and state courts.
  21. T/f. in general appellate courts can conduct trials of most cases and review lower court decisions.
  22. t/f. in a jury trial the jury resolves questions of both fact and law
  23. in a typical state court system, which answer would be correct
    bruce is suing a manufacturer for 60k for breach of contract under state law. a state court of original jurisdiction would have jurisdiction to ry this case for the first time.
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