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  1. Nervous Tissue
    • communication
    • -neuron and neuroglia (support cells)
  2. Neuron
    • cell body that contains a nucleus and cytoplasm
    • Dendrites and Axons
    • Glial Cells 90 % of the cells of the nervous system
  3. Glial cell
    • 90% of the cells of the nervous system
    • bring nutrients to the neuron, physically support neurons and remove debris, provide insulation
  4. Epidermis
    stratified epithelium- cells move upward, flatten and die all the time
  5. Keratinocytes
    make protective layer
  6. Melanocytes
    skin color
  7. Langerhans cells
  8. Granstein cells
  9. Negative feedback
    • -main mechaninsm for maintaining Homeostasis
    • -an activity that alters a condition in the internal environment and triggers a response that reverse the altered condition
    • -Ex: keeping body temp within a normal range
  10. positive feedback
    • a chain of event intensify a change from the original conditon that reverse the change
    • Ex: childbith
  11. Homeostatic
    controls regulates internal body temp
  12. Dermis
    • -dense connective tissue
    • -elastin and collagen fiber
    • -blood vessels and nerve endings
    • oil sebceous and sweat gland
    • hair follicles
    • has ridges that make uniqe figerprints
  13. Hypodermis
    • layer beneath dermis
    • loose connetive
    • Fat: insulator and cushion
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