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  1. ikimasu 1
    to go

    te-form: itte

    nai-form: ikanai de
  2. kimasu 3
    to come

    te-form: kite

    nai-form: konai de
  3. kaerimasu 1
    to return, go home

    te-form: kaette

    nai-form: kaeranai de
  4. arimasu 1
    to be, exist, have (non-living things)

    te-form: atte *

    nai-form: nai de
  5. imasu 2
    to be (living things)

    te-form: itte *

    nai-form: inai de
  6. tabemasu 2
    to eat

    te-form: tabete

    nai-form: tabenai de
  7. nomimasu 1
    to drink

    te-form: nonde

    nai-form: nomanai de
  8. kaimasu 1
    to buy

    te-form: katte

    nai-form: kawanai de
  9. yomimasu 1
    to read

    te-form: yonde

    nai-form: yomanai de
  10. kikimasu 1
    to listen

    te-form: kiite

    nai-form: kikanai de
  11. mimasu 2
    to see

    te-form: mite

    nai-form: minai de
  12. shimasu 3
    to do

    te-form: shite

    nai-form: shinai de
  13. tenis o shimasu
    to play tennis
  14. benkyo o shimasu
    to study

    benkyo o shite imasu (studying)
  15. kaimono o shimasu
    to shop

    kaimono o shite imasu (shopping)
  16. denwa o shimasu
    to make a telephone call
  17. kakimasu 1
    to write

    te-form: kaite

    nai-form: kakanai de
  18. okurimasu 1
    to send

    te-form: okutte

    nai-form: okuranai de
  19. aimasu 1
    to meet

    te-form: atte *

    nai-form: awanai de
  20. agemasu 2
    to give

    te-form: agete

    nai-form: agenai de
  21. moraimasu 1
    to receive

    te-form: moratte

    nai-form: morawanai de
  22. kashimasu 1
    to lend

    te-form: kashite

    nai-form: kasanai de
  23. tsukemasu 2
    to turn on

    te-form: tsukete

    nai-form: tsukenai de
  24. keshimasu 2
    to turn off

    te-form: keshite

    nai-form: keshinai de
  25. mochimasu 1
    to have, hold

    te-form: motte

    nai-form: motanai de
  26. akemasu 2
    to open

    te-form: akete

    nai-form: akenai de
  27. shimemasu 2
    to close

    te-form: shimete

    nai-form: shimenai de
  28. (shashin o) torimasu 1
    to take (a picture)

    te-form: totte

    nai-form: toranai de
  29. magarimasu 1
    to turn

    te-form: magatte

    nai-form: magaranai de
  30. tomemasu 2
    to stop

    te-form: tomete

    nai-form: tomenai de
  31. iimasu 1
    to say

    te-form: itte *

    nai-form: iwanai de
  32. oshiemasu 2
    to tell

    te-form: oshiete

    nai-form: oshienai de
  33. mottekimasu 3
    to bring

    te-form: mottekite

    nai-form: mottekonai de
  34. todokemasu 2
    to deliver

    te-form: todokete

    nai-form: todokenai de
  35. machimasu 1
    to wait

    te-form: matte

    nai-form: matanai de
  36. ni norimasu 1
    to ride, get on

    te-form: notte

    nai-form: noranai de
  37. o orimasu 2
    to get off

    te-form: orite

    nai-form: orinai de
  38. o demasu 2
    to leave

    te-form: dete

    nai-form: denai de
  39. ni tsukimasu 1
    to arrive

    te-form: tsuite

    nai-form: tsukanai de
  40. - kakarimasu 1
    (it) takes

    te-form: kakatte

    nai-form: kakaranai de
  41. tsukaimasu 1
    to use

    te-form: tsukatte

    nai-form: tsukawanai de
  42. (tabako o) suimasu 1
    to smoke

    te-form: sutte

    nai-form: suwanai de
  43. hairimasu 1
    to enter

    te-form: haitte

    nai-form: hairanai de
  44. arukimasu 1
    to walk

    te-form: aruite

    nai-form: arukanai de
  45. yasumimasu1
    to rest

    te-form: yasunde

    nai-form: yasumanai de
  46. okimasu 1
    to put

    te-form: oite

    nai-form: okanai de
  47. tachimasu 1
    to stand up

    te-form: tatte

    nai-form: tatanai de
  48. iremasu 2
    to put in, add

    te-form: irete

    nai-form: irenai de
  49. hanashi o shimasu
    to talk

    • hanashi o shite imasu (talking)
    • hanashi o shite imasen (not talking)
  50. setsumei o shimasu
    to explain

    • setsumei o shite imasu (explaining)
    • setsumei o shite imasen (not explaining)
  51. soji o shimasu
    to clean

    • soji o shite imasu (cleaning)
    • soji o shite imasen (not cleaning)
  52. tsukurimasu 1
    to make

    te-form: tsukutte

    nai-form: tsukujranai de
  53. ni sunde imasu 1

    • masu-form: sumimasu
    • to live

    nai-form:sumanai de
  54. ni tsutomete imasu 2
    • working
    • masu-form: tsutomemasu
    • to be employed
  55. o shitte imasu 1
    to know

    *shirimasu (the aff. present tense) is hardly ever used.
  56. o utte imasu 1

    • masu-form: urimasu
    • to sell

    nai-form: uranai de

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