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  1. Barber & Surgeons Hall
    Monkwell Square EC2
  2. Barbican
    Silk Street EC2
  3. Dutch Church
    Austin Friars EC2
  4. Salters Hall
    4 Fore Street EC2
  5. Prohibition Bar
    1 Bishopsgate EC2
  6. Royal National Institute for Deaf People
    Featherstone Street EC2
  7. Mercers Hall
    Ironmonger Lane EC2
  8. Chartered Accountants Hall
    Morgate Place/Copthall Avenue EC2
  9. Aquarium Club
    256-264 Old Street EC2
  10. Bank of England Museum
    Bartholomew Lane EC2
  11. JP Morgan EC2
    125London Wall/WoodStreet EC2
  12. Pit Theatre
    Silk Street EC2
  13. Slaughter and Mary
    Bunhill Row EC2
  14. Cromwell Tower
    Cromwell Place EC2
  15. Triton Court
    14 Finsbury Square EC2
  16. Merchant Taylors Hall
    30 Threadneedle Street EC2
  17. Drapers Hall
    Throgmorton Street EC2
  18. Guildhall School of Music & Drama
    Silk Street EC2
  19. City of London Girls School
    Saint GilesTerrace/Fore Street EC2
  20. Saint Mary Le Bow Church
    Cheapside EC2
  21. Finsbury Dials
    20 Finsbury Street/Chiswell Street EC2
  22. Bluu Bar EC2
    4 Moorgate EC2
  23. Telephone House EC2
    Paul Street EC2
  24. Speed House
    Silk Street EC2
  25. Tabernacle Bar
    55-61 Tabernacle Street EC2
  26. Grocers Hall Court
    Poultry EC2
  27. Grocers Hall
    Princes Street EC2
  28. Shakespeare Tower
    Lauderdale Place EC2
  29. Clockmakers Hall
    4 Fore Street EC2
  30. Laderdale Tower
    Lauderdale Place EC2
  31. Platinum Bar EC2
    23-25 Paul Street EC2

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