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  1. Painter Stainers Hall
    Little Trinity Lane EC4
  2. Vintners Hall
    KennetWharf Lane EC4
  3. Central Criminal Court
    Old Bailey EC4
  4. Little Ship Club
    Bell Wharf Lane/Left or Right out
  5. Jewish Cronicle
    25 Furnival Street EC4
  6. City Thameslink Station
    Ludgate Hill EC4
  7. Innholders Hall
    30 College Street EC4
  8. Tallow Chandlers Hall
    4 Dowgate Hill EC4
  9. Saint Pauls Cathedral
    Saint Pauls Churchyard EC4
  10. Skinners Hall
    8 1/2 Dowgate Hill EC4
  11. Apothecaries Hall
    Blackfriars Lane EC4
  12. Dyers Hall
    10 Dowgate Hill EC4
  13. Crown Prosecution Service
    50 Ludgate Hill EC4
  14. City of London Magistrates Court
    Queen Victoria Street EC4
  15. Broken Wharf
    High Timber Street EC4
  16. River Court EC4
    120 Fleet Street EC4
  17. Globe View
    High Timber Street EC4
  18. Sainsburys Business Centre
    33 Holborn EC4
  19. Worshipful Company of Solicitors of the City of London
    College Hill EC4
  20. Stationers Hall
    Stationer Hall Court EC4
  21. Firefly Restaurant City
    18-20 Bishops Court/Old Bailey EC4
  22. Spectacle Makers Hall
    Blackfriars Lane EC4
  23. Club Quarters Saint Pauls
    24 Ludgate Hill EC4
  24. Punch Tavern
    99 Fleet Street EC4
  25. Senator House
    85 Queen Victoria Street EC4
  26. Sir John Lyon House
    Gardeners Lane EC4
  27. YHA City
    36-38 Carter Lane EC4
  28. Worshipful Company of Builders Merchants
    College Hill EC4
  29. Arbitrators Hall
    8 Dowgate Hill EC4
  30. Millennium Bridge North Side
    Peters Hill EC4
  31. Cooks Hall
    Deans Court EC4
  32. Pie Corner
    Giltspur Street EC4
  33. Southwark Bridge
    Queen Street Place/Southwark Bridge Road EC4
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