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  1. A project is a ________ ________that has a ______ and ___ _____, with defined objectives and scope.
    single activity, start, end point
  2. A _________ __________ is undertaken to produce a unique product, service or result.
    temporary endeavor
  3. A project can be thought of as a complex __________ _________ a solution.
    problem requiring
  4. One frequent reason projects fail is that a significant part of the work is _________.
  5. The most important criteria in the selection of a project manager is the person’s _______________ skills.
  6. Research has shown the most productive work group size to be ______ to _____ people.
    five to seven
  7. True or False- When rewarding team members for their efforts during a project, you should reward based on their level of contribution.
  8. True or False- We must be careful not to penalize workers who perform better than expected by loading them down with excessive work.
  9. In the “Stages in Team Development”, the Project Managers role in the first stage is that of ________________.
  10. In the “Stages in Team Development”, the Team’s role in the fourth stage is ________________.
  11. In the “Stages in Team Development”, the four behaviors in the Fourth Stage Teams Performing are: _________________ __________________ _________________ __________________
    • 1. Members enjoy working together and producing high quality results.
    • 2. Constructive self-change.
    • 3. Ability to prevent or work through group problems.4. Close attachment to the team.
  12. The three areas that cause most conflicts in project management are ___________ ____________ and ___________.
    • planning
    • budgeting
    • scheduling
  13. Of the four conflict resolution alternatives, which is the best method for resolution?
    1. Refer to a common superior
    2. Meet together and problem solve
    3. Forcing/dominating
    4. Withdrawal/avoiding
    2. Meet together and problem solve (synergize for win/win) This is the best method for resolution.
  14. Your success as project manager is measured by the three project parameters:
    At or below budget - ________
    Before or on time - ________
    Done correctly - _________
    • Costs
    • Time
    • Quality
  15. True or False- Penalty clauses in contracts help vendors maintain quality, costs, and timeliness.
  16. True or False-Feasibility studies will always conclude the problem is feasible to solve or the solution is feasible.
  17. The five, Step Two-Feasibility Study Objectives are (SMART)
    S_______M_________A_________R_________T_____- _________
    • Specific
    • Measureable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Time-limited
  18. ________ __________can be used to assist in solving projects, planning projects, listing tasks and psychological road racing.
    Mind mapping
  19. __________ are not needed in a change order, if the solution utilized was listed in the project plan strategy
  20. True or False- If someone asks for a change of the scope of your project, you should explain the impact of change and determine if the person wants to continue.
  21. An objective will have at least one effectiveness measure and be _________.
  22. A work breakdown structure is best described as a ________ __ ______.
    Hierarchy of task
  23. Large tasks should be reduced to smaller tasks with assigned deadlines because it is easier to __________ ___ ________ quality and costs.
    monitor and control
  24. Assigned personal are more ________ and ______________ less
    timely and procrastinate
  25. True or False- Small problems may be easier to correct before they develop into larger problems.
  26. WBS-takes a complicated task and subdivides it into ________ ________ _______.
    Several smaller tasks
  27. ______________ can be defined as anyone who has a vested interest in the project.
  28. In a sense, management and controls are _____________.
  29. Variance occurs when project is behind or ahead of plan. Can be _________(if ahead) ___________ (if behind).
    positive (ahead)negative (behind)
  30. Audit come in different styles:
    1-____________ (Comprehensive),
    2-____________ and Informal (cursory).
    • 1-Formal
    • 2-Partial
  31. As the result of an audit, what action should be taken if there is no variance?
    No correction needed
  32. Reference Stakeholders:
    _________ _________: who are the people responsible for the project?
    _______ ______ _________: who are the people that tend to the budget, write the grants, etc. bureaucratic authority: (heads of divisions or agencies)
    Formal authorityPurse string authority
  33. A project plan, bids and contracts, meeting minutes, and feasibility studies are all found in the _______ __________ manual.
    project documentation
  34. A ________ _____ is a one page description of the change and its impact on the project.
    change order
  35. Closing a project consists of: _______________________, ______________________ and _______________________________.
    • Completing an Executive summary,
    • Closure with the team,Archiving the executive summary in a central filing location
  36. True or False- A project ends at some point.
  37. Gantt charts are sometimes referred to as a ________ _______ chart.
    time line
  38. True of False- Gantt charts can be used regardless if a Pert chart has been prepared.
  39. Critical path is the _______ ____ through network diagram and has zero slack or float
    longest path
  40. Program Evaluation and Review Technique Pert is an aid to:
    ________________ _____________ ________________
    • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Decision making
  41. True or False- A critical path is the path with zero slack time and is the longest time path.
  42. Slack Time in a Pert network is determined by subtracting the earliest expected time _____ of an event from the latest allowable time ______ of the same event
    • (TE) Time Earliest
    • (TL) Time Latest
  43. True or False- Per Pert chart principals, every event in a Pert chart did not happen until all the activities leading to the event have been completed.
  44. __________ occur when the event is behind or ahead of plan.
  45. WE (Worst Estimate) plus BE (Best Estimate), divided by 2= ___
    TE (average Time Estimate)
  46. The formula for costs estimates is the same as ________ _________.
    time estimates
  47. SD (Standard Deviation) is _______ which adds a little room for problems.
    .666 Simply add .666 to answer
  48. True or False- If a grant coordinator or contractor does not allow for standard deviations, you can include barriers in your cost estimate if thoroughly explained.
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