Vertebral Column

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  1. Spondylosis
    arthritis of vertebrae
  2. Spondylolysis
    stable fracture of pars interarticularis
  3. Spondylolisthesis
    • displaced fracture of pars interarticularis
    • superior vertebra slips forward
  4. Ankylosing
    • inflammation of joints between spinal bones
    • can eventually cause joining of bones
  5. Supraspinous ligament
    • tips of TPs from sacrum to skull (changes to ligamentum nuchae in cervical region)
    • Prevents: flexion
  6. Interspinous ligament
    • between SPs
    • Prevents: flexion, rotation
  7. Anterior longitudinal ligament
    • runs sacrum to skull attaching to anterior bodies of vertebrae
    • Prevents: extension
    • reinforces anterior surface of IV discs
    • keeps skull attached to C1
  8. Posterior longitudinal ligament
    • runs sacrum to skull on posterior side of vertebral bodies inside the vertebral foramen
    • cord-like
    • Prevents: flexion
  9. Ligamentum flavum
    • made of elastic tissue
    • between laminae of vertebrae
    • Prevents: flexion, rotation
  10. Ligamentum nuchae
    • SP of C7 up to external occipital protuberance
    • Prevents: hyperflexion
  11. Transverse ligament of atlas
    • Lateral mass to lateral mass of C1
    • hols dens of C2 in place
    • has bands that extend superiorly to skull and inferiorly to C2
    • Prevents: hyperextension and hyperflexion; vertical bands keep C1, C2 and skull articulating
  12. alar ligaments
    • from dens up to foramen magnum
    • Prevents: rotation
  13. Suboccipital n.
  14. Greater occipital n.
    DPR C2
  15. Lesser occipital n.
    VR C2
  16. Least occipital n.
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