Wordly Wise 7

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  1. What is claustrophobia?
    (n) An abnormal fear of narrow,enclosed spacesImage Upload 1I had claustrophobia when I was little.
  2. What is a colleague?
    (n) An associate or coworker of equal statusImage Upload 2I have many colleagues at work.
  3. What is condescend?
    • (v)1. To lower oneself to a position one considers inferior
    • 2. To behave in a offensively superior manner

    Condescending(adj) Showing an offensively superior mannerImage Upload 3 It was condescending to hear all those things being said about me.
  4. What is a contingent?
    • (adj) 1. Conditional; depending on something else
    • 2. Likely but not certain to happen; possible

    (n) A group that is part of a larger oneImage Upload 4Mrs. McCain's second period class is a contingent of Team Infinity.
  5. What is a daunt?
    (v) To discourage or intimidate

    Daunting(adj) So difficult or dangerous as to discourage or intimidateImage Upload 5 It is daunting to talk to adults about bullies.
  6. What is a deluge?
    • (n)1. A downpour of rain; a flood
    • 2. A flood of anything

    (v) To flood or overwhelmImage Upload 6We had a deluge last Tuesday.
  7. What is dispel?
    (v) To clear away; to remove or get rid of, as if by scatteredImage Upload 7I dispelled the wrapper of my peanut butter sandwich.
  8. What is a dub?
    (v) To give a title or nickname, or description toImage Upload 8I have many dubs at school.
  9. What is a fanfare?
    • (n)1. A sounding of trumpets or other brass instruments
    • 2. Any showy displayImage Upload 9When I came out on stage, a fanfare played for me.
  10. What is a fledgling?
    • (n)1. A young bird just learning to fly
    • 2. A young and unexperienced person

    (adj) New and untestedImage Upload 10 I saw a fledgling on my tree this morning.
  11. What is inane?
    (adj) Empty; shallow or silly

    Inanity(n) Foolishness; a silly or pointless actImage Upload 11Mrs. Soloway's second period class is inane.
  12. What is mettle?
    (n) Courage to bear up under difficult circumstances; spiritImage Upload 12I showed my mettle by refusing to do my homework and got in trouble.
  13. What is negligible?
    (adj) Small and unimportant, not worth noticingImage Upload 13 Squirrels are negligible to cats because of their tinyness.
  14. What is protract?
    (v) To draw out or lengthen (in time)Image Upload 14 The man in the picture is protracting time.
  15. What is a replica?
    (n) A copy or reproduction, especially one on a smaller scale than the originalImage Upload 15 I made a replica of the rocketship Sally Ride rode in.
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