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  1. Abduction
    Movement of body part away from the midline
  2. Adduction
    Movement of body part towards the midline
  3. Anatomic Position
    The universal position of the human body from which all body parts are described. In this position, the subjects stands facing the observer, with the arms at the side with palms facing forward
  4. Anatomy
    The study of the structure and parts of an organism
  5. Anterior
    Toward the front of the body
  6. Caudad
    Toward the feet
  7. Cephalad
    Situated toward the head
  8. Cranial
    Related to or toward the skull
  9. Distal
    Located away from the trunk of the body and toward the free end of an extremity.
  10. Dorsal
    Located posteriorly on the body relative to the coronal plane
  11. Extention
    Return of a joint from a flexed position to an anatomic position
  12. External rotation
    Rotating an extremity on it's joint away from the midline
  13. Flexion
    Moving an extremity at it's joint closer to the trunk
  14. Fowler's position
    Seated position with the upper body seated or erect
  15. Frontal plane
    The plane parallel to the anterior surface of the body
  16. Gross anatomy
    The study of body parts that are visible to the naked eye, such as bones, muscles, and organs
  17. Homeostasis
    The maintenance of a stable internal physiologic environment
  18. Hyperextention
    Extention of a body part to a maximum level or past the position of normal extention
  19. Hyperflexation
    Flexion of a body part to a maximum level or past the limit of normal flexation
  20. Inferior
    Toward the feet or one structure that is situated lower than another
  21. Internal rotation
    Rotating an extremity medial toward the midline
  22. Lateral
    Farther from the midline of a body part
  23. Medial
    Closer to the midline plane
  24. Median plane
    An imaginary longitudinal line that divides the human body into left and right parts; also called the mid-sagittal plane or the midline
  25. Microscopic anatomy
    The study of tissue structure and/or cellular structure or organization, often visible only through a microscope
  26. Midaxillary line
    An imaginary line drawn through the mid-portio. Of the axillary to the waist that is parallel to the midline
  27. Midclavicular line
    An imaginary line drawn through the midpoint of the clavicle that is parallel to the midline
  28. Midline
    An imaginary line that is drawn through the center of the body
  29. Pathophysiology
    The study of body functions of a living organism in an abnormal state
  30. Physiology
    The study of the body functions of a living organism
  31. Planes
    Imaginary surfaces used as references to identify parts of the body
  32. Posterior
    Situated toward the back of the body
  33. Prone
    Lying face down
  34. Pronation
    When the palm faces downward
  35. Proximal
    Located nearer to or toward the trunk of the body
  36. Range of motion (ROM)
    The arc of movement of an extremity at a joint in a particular direction
  37. Recovery position
    Placing the patient on the side to allow the easy drainage of fluids from the mouth; also known as the left lateral recumbent position
  38. Recumbent
    Any position in which the patient is lying down or leaning back
  39. Regional anatomy
    Study of anatomy associated with a particular body region; also called topographic anatomy
  40. Sagittal plane
    A vertical plane that is parallel to the midline and divides the body into unequal left and right parts
  41. Superior
    Situated toward the head or one structure that is situated higher than another
  42. Supination
    When the palm faces upward
  43. Supine
    Lying face up
  44. Systemic anatomy
    Study of anatomy associated with a particular organ system
  45. Transverse plane
    A cross-horizontal sectioning that divides the body into the upper and lower parts
  46. Trendelenburg's position
    Placing a patient supine with the legs elevated approximately 12" and head down
  47. Ventral
    Pertaining to the front of a part, organ, or structure
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