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  1. What is the ideal proportion of a woman's head in relation to her body?
    1/7th of her body.
  2. What is the ideal proportion of a man's head in relation to his body?
    1/8th of his body.
  3. What body type has overall elongated and narrow bone structure, neither the hips nor shoulders are dominant, long legs and arms; long neck. head can seem small. Hair needs to be longer with volume.
    Tall and Lanky.
  4. .What body type is normal height, has dominant shoulders and average hips with typically normal body proportions. Hair needs volume on top to add illusion of height.
  5. What body type has a shorter/heavy or robust structure, wide shoulders and hips, short arms, legs and necks? Hair needs to be styled with height and volume at the top.
    Short and Sturdy
  6. How should clients with a short neck wear their hair to make it look longer and what styles should they also avoid?
    long wispy lengths are good to visually elongate the neck, should avoid volume at the neck.
  7. What type of hairstyles work best on clients with long necks?
    need mass and fullness around the neck, longer fuller hair at the perimeter is best, which hairstyle that shows hair long neck from front. horizontal lines at neck implies weight and fullness.
  8. What type of design lines help balance wide shoulders?
    narrowing design line [steep V shape]
  9. What type of design lines help balance narrow shoulders?
    horizontal line, oval lines, [A shape]
  10. What is three-sectioning and what are the three sections of the face?
    • Three-sectioning is an effective way to measure the proportions of the face.
    • Section 1: front hair line to middle of eyebrows.
    • Section 2: middle of eyebrows to tip of nose.
    • Section 3: tip of nose to tip of chin.
  11. What face shape is rounded, long and narrow. no dominant areas, approximate even three sectioning. Looks good with almost any hairstyle, length or texture.
  12. What face shape is short and wide with a low rounded hair line, a short chin with a very rounded jawline. Looks good with short and layered styles and volume either above temple area or below jaw.
  13. What face shape is short and wide, very angular with a lot of straight lines? Short hair with height on top can look good, for others; curly textures and wisps.
  14. What face shape is long, narrow and angular, the jaw line is wide and almost horizontal? Needs softness and width, looks good with longer and curly hair.
  15. What face shape is elongated with a forehead that is narrow and the jaw is the widest area of the face? Needs volume above jaw line, if longer; passed the jaw line.
  16. What face shape is elongated and angular, it's widest area is at the cheekbones while the forehead and chin is narrow? Works well with bobs and short hair.
  17. What face shape is long, angular and the chin area is sometimes elongated and pointed while the forehead is wide? Works well with volume at the chin and little or no volume on top.
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