Vocab 2 9

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  1. Vignette (noun)
    A small illustration in a book at the beginning of a chapter
  2. insipid (adj)
    without interesting or distinctive qualities
  3. platitude (noun)
    a flat or dull remark
  4. abridge (verb)
    to diminish; shorten
  5. odious (adj)
    deserving or causing hatred
  6. cacophony (noun)
    harsh discourse of sound
  7. Bellicose (adj)
    inclined or willing to fight
  8. surreptitious (adj)
    done by stealth
  9. charlatans (noun)
    a person who acts like they know more than what they do
  10. grandiloquent (adj)
    done or speaking in a lofty manner
  11. vilify (verb)
    to slander
  12. novel (adj)
    new; different
  13. shrewd (adj)
    clever and sharp
  14. laconic (adj)
  15. penurious (adj)
    extremely stingy; frugal
  16. circumlocution (noun)
    a roundabout way of speaking
  17. apathetic (adj)
    showing no emotion
  18. deletrious (adj)
    injurious to health
  19. misanthrope (noun)
    someone who hates humanity
  20. raconteur (noun)
    a person who is good at relating stories
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