302 1.2 Infancy

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  1. 200 BC - 300 AD
    • Greeks and Romans used harsh practices to shape infants' bodies and practiced infantcide
    • often in cradle, tied to cradle or found with parents in fields
  2. infantcide
    • many early civilizations practiced it
    • deliberate killing of unwanted babies
    • killed if handicapped or simply unwanted because of being poor
  3. middle ages and renaissance
    Christianity spread as people moved to cities and the well being of infants began to be regulated
  4. the ehlightenment (18th century)
    emphasized the value of children
  5. 19th century
    • nuclear family emerged
    • social changes in relation to medical advances in infant care
    • stay at home moms
    • infancy research focused on learning and cognitive development
  6. today (since 1990)
    shift to concern for whole child
  7. developmental theories
    • behaviorism
    • maturation view
  8. maturation view
    • maturation following an inherited time table; abilities and skills emerge in a preordained sequence
    • Arnold Gessell
  9. behavoirism
    • John B Watson
    • felt that a scientific approach to development must focus on observabe behavior not on findings like thought and mental images
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