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  1. Acute Grief
    the intense physical and emotional expression of grief occurring as the awareness increases of a loss of someone or something significant
  2. affect
    feelings and their expression
  3. anger
    blame directed toward another person
  4. anxiety
    a state of tension, typically characterized by rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and other similar ramifications of arousal of the autonomic nervous system; an emotion characterized by vague fear or premonition that something is going to happen
  5. Bereavement
    the experience of the emotion of grief; the act of separation or loss that results in the experience of grief; the condidion arising from an event producing acute deprivation due to loss of someone or something in which emotional capital has been invested.
  6. AKA for complicated grief
    unresolved or chronic grief
  7. Complicated grief
    grief extending over a long period of time without resolution
  8. coping
    characteristic ways of responding to stress
  9. crisis
    a highly emotional temporary state in which an individuals feelings of anxiety, grief, confusion or pain impair his or her ability to act
  10. Death anxiety
    a learned emotional response to death related phenomena which is characterized by extreme apprehension; used synomously with death fear
  11. delayed grief reaction
    inhibited, suppressed or postponed response to a loss
  12. denial
    a protective coping mechanism characterized by an inability to perceive external reality. the defense mechanism by which a person is unable or refuses to see things as they are because such facts are threatening to the self(ego): a defense mechanism, closely related to repression, in which the individual simply denies the existence of the events that have aroused anxiety
  13. emotion
    the outward expression or display of mood or feeling states
  14. empathy
    the ability to enter into and share the feelings of others; a basic level of empathy is a counselors capacity to understand the subjective world of the client and communicating this deep understanding to the client
  15. facilitate
    to assist understanding of the circumstances or situations the individual is experiencing, and to assist that person in the selection of an alternative adjustment if necessary
  16. fear
    stron emotion marked by suck reactions as alarm, dread, and disqiueting
  17. feelings
    pleasant or unpleasant experiences occurring when an individual is awake and conscious
  18. frustration
    the state of being prevented from attaining a purpose; thwarted; the blocking of motive satisfaction by some kind of obstacle
  19. funeral service psychology
    the study of human behavior as related to funeral service
  20. Genuineness
    the ability to present ones self sincerely
  21. goals
    objectives or adjustments to be achieved
  22. grief
    a state defined by webster as intense emotional suffering caused by loss; an emotion or set o emotions due to a loss that is involved in the work of mourning
  23. grief syndrom per lindemann
    set of symptoms associated with loss
  24. grief work per lindemann
    a process occurring with loss aimed at loosening the attachment ot the dead for reinvestment in the living
  25. Hospice
    a specialized health care program that servies patients with illnesses such as cancer during the last days of their lives; historically an Inn for travelers, especially one kept by a religious order; also used to indicate an institution designed to treat patients with a life-limiting condition.
  26. Motivation
    the proces that initiates, directs, and sustains behavior satisfying physiological or psychological needs
  27. mourning
    an adjustment process which involves grief or sorrow over a period of time and helps in the reorganization of the life of an individual following a loss; the process of working through grief
  28. Projection
    attribution of ones unacceptable thoughts, feelings, or behaviors to someone else
  29. psychiatrist
    a medical doctor with a specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders
  30. psychology
    the study of human behavior; the scientific study of behavior and mental processes
  31. psychotherapy per jackson
    intervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians or psychologists. the practitioners in this field need special training because they often work with deepers levels of consciousness
  32. rationalization
    supplying a logical, rational, socially acceptable reason rather than the real reason for an action
  33. regression
    a defense mechanism used in grief to return to more familiar and often more primitive modes of coping
  34. repression
    blocking of threatening material from consciousness
  35. respect per wolfelt
    the ability to communicate the belief that everyone possesses the capacity and right to choose alternatives and make decisions
  36. Stress
    life events and minor hassels that exert pressure or strain.
  37. Supression
    a conscious postponement of addressing anxieties and concerns
  38. sympathy
    sincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss or the death of close friend or relative
  39. thanatology
    the interdisciplinary study of death related behavior including actions and emotions concerned with dying, death, and beravement. the study of death, especially the medical emotional and final problems associated with dying
  40. thanatophobia
    an irrantional, exaggerated, abnormally great fear of death
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