Thano quiz 1 (outline)

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  1. what are some normal grief reactions
    • shock and denial
    • disorganization
  2. panic
    a strong emotion characterized by sudden and extreme fear
  3. regression
    a defense used in grief as a return to more familiar and oftem primitive modes of coping
  4. what are three ways to regress?
    • substitution relationships
    • primitive times
    • how we conceptualize the loss and ourself
  5. searching
    preoccupied and intense thoughts about the deceased, compulsive need to go after and retrieve that which has been lost
  6. what are some forms of searching
    • thoughts about the loss
    • compulsion to speak of the lsos
    • aimless wondering
    • inability to initiate activity
    • fear of mental illness
  7. anger
    blame directed toward another person
  8. hostility
    the willful refusal to accept evidence that ones perceptions of the world are wrong: severe anger
  9. guilt
    blame directed towards ones self based on real or unreal conditions
  10. list some types of guilt
    • associated with the loss itself
    • lack of knowledge
    • personality and childhood
    • survivors guilt
  11. shame
    a painful feeling of having done something wrong, improper, or silly, which can lead to a loss of reputation, disgrace, or dishonor; the assumption of blame directed towards ones self by others.
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