Anatomy Chapter 7

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  1. What two parts is the skeleton divided into?
    • 1. Axial skeleton
    • 2. Appendicular skeleton
  2. What is included in the axial skeleton?
    • Skull bones
    • Ear bones
    • Hyoid bone
    • Ribs
    • Sternum
    • Bones of the vertebral column
    • *All bones that lay along the axis of the body
  3. What is included in the appendicular skeleton?
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Clavicle
    • Scapula
    • Pelvis, Hip, Coxal bones
  4. What two sets of bones does the skull contain?
    • 1. Cranial bones (8) form the cranium
    • 2. Facial bones (14) form the face
  5. How are bones defined as belonging to the cranium or not?
    Any bone that comes into contact with the fluid surrounding the brain is the cranium.
  6. What is the name for the connection between two bones that are immovable?
  7. Names (and how many) of cranial bones
    • Parietal (2)
    • Ethmoid
    • Sphenoid
    • Temporal (2)
    • Occipital
    • Frontal

    (PEST OF 6)
  8. Frontal bone
    forms the forehead, roofs of orbits, and most of anterior cranial floor
  9. Coronal suture
    • Joint between temporal bone and each of the temporal bones.
    • A single suture, where the temporal bone touches the temporal bones.
    • (Remember coronal means frontal--this suture sits in the frontal plane)
  10. Parietal Bones
    • Two large, four-sided bones that form the greater portion of the sides and roof of the cranial cavity.
    • Each of the parietal bones articulates with five other bones.
  11. Temporal Bones
    Two bones. Form your temples (region of the cranium around your ear)
  12. Occipital bone
    • Back of the head.
    • Forms posterior part, and most of the base of, the cranium
  13. Foramen Mangnum
    Large opening in the occipital bone at the base.
  14. Occipital condyles
    2 oval processes, one on either side of the foramen magnum
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