ACC 201 ch 2

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  1. Account
    A summary of the effects of all transactions related to a particular item over a period of time. p. 54
  2. Chart of accounts
    A list of all account names used to record transactions of a company. p. 54
  3. External transactions
    Transactions the firm conducts with a separate economic entity. p. 54
  4. General ledger
    All accounts used to record the company's transactions. p. 75
  5. Internal transactions
    Events that affect the financial position of the company but do not include an exchange with a separate economic entity. p. 54
  6. Journal
    A chronological record of all transactions affecting a firm. p. 72
  7. Posting
    • The process of transferring the debit and credit information from the
    • journal to individual accounts in the general ledger. p. 76
  8. T-account
    A simplified form of a general ledger account with space at the top for the account title and two sides for recording debits and credits. pp. 66 and 76
  9. Trial balance
    A list of all accounts and their balances at a particular date, showing that total debits equal total credits. p. 82
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