Medicinal Herbs

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  1. Aloe
    Treat skin ailments (topical), constipation (oral). Juice from the leaves.
  2. Bilberry
    Terminate diarrhea, improve and protect vision. Berries/leaf
  3. Black cohosh
    Relieve menopause. Roots.
  4. Cranberry
    Prevent UTI. Berries/juice
  5. Echinacea
    Enhance immune system, as an anti-inflammatory. Entire plant.
  6. Evening primrose
    Relieve pain and inflammation. Seeds/oil
  7. Garlic
    Reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure, as an anticoagulant. Bulbs.
  8. Ginger
    Relieve GI upsent and motion sickness, as an antiflammatory. Root.
  9. Ginko biloba
    Improve memory, reduce dizziness. Leaves and seeds.
  10. Ginseng
    Relieve stresss, enhance immune system, decrease fatigue. Root.
  11. Horny goat weed
    Enhance sexual function. Leaves and roots.
  12. Milk thistle
    As an antitoxin, protect against liver disease. Seeds.
  13. Saw palmetto
    Relieve urinary problems related to prostate enlargement. Ripe fruit/berries.
  14. Soy
    Source of protein, vitamins and minerals; relieve menopausal symptoms; prevent cardiovascular disease; as an anticancer agent. Beans.
  15. St. John's wort
    Reduce depression, reduce anxiety, as an anti-inflammatory. Flowers, leaves, stems.
  16. Valerian
    Relieve stress, promote sleep. Roots
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