COMM - PROPOSAL Presentation

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  1. Title page
    • - good afternoon everybody
    • - this afternoon, i will do a presentation on my proposal for manufacture of camera-stabilizer, also known as steadicam.
  2. presentation agenda
    • - AGENDA!
    • - i will talk about description of my project
    • - also my project goals
    • - then on how will i proceed to make the steadicam
    • - my proect schedule
    • - and lastly my estimate cost for the project
  3. project description
    • - STEADICAM!
    • - a steadicam is....READ THE SLIDE!

    - PAUSE...then ask---Remember the times when you want to take a video of a special event or a moment, then you take out your camera and take the video...but then when you viewed the video on your big screen are like why is too having a headache watching this!...WELL, that is the reason why you need a Steadicam.

    - the steadicam produces a stable and smooth video by using...READ the second point ON THE SLIDE!
  4. steadicam key parts
    • - this is the picture of the final product.
    • - i showed this picture to illustrated the location of the balancing weights and especially the gimbal.
    • - gimbal is the red part on the top of the handle.
  5. gimbal
    • - this next figure is a closer look of the gimbal
    • - this is where the weight of the camera is balanced at its center of gravity.

    • - it also shows the adjusting screw to set and balance the steadicam
    • - and also the mounting area for the camera
  6. steadicam parts
    • - this shows you the overall set-up for the steadicam
    • - the camera is mounted on top
    • - the gimbal is the pivot support
    • - and lastly, the balancing weights and adjusting screw are used to balance the steadicam
  7. steadicam parts..fig 4
    • - this is just a closer look of the balancing weights at the bottom
    • - it can be slided left and right or add weights to obtain the right balance.
  8. goals
    - ultimately, my product goal is to...READ PRODUCT GOALS.

    • -as a project goals, i wantto gain more experience on how a product is manufactured from the designing stage, production, assembly, up to its completion.
    • - i will also get to use the knowledge learned in the manufacturing program...such as using software like solidworks and matercam...and also setting-up and operating machines like CNC machine.
    • - lastly, i want produce a second that i can compare how much time and the cost it will take to produce the second product having the full instructions and set up.
    • - the time and cost should go down
  9. manufacturing process
    - drawing = i forgot to mention that one of the problem i have is that the design i research did not include dimensions..therefore i would have to figure out the appropriate scale and dimension so that the steadicam will balance properly and the size is handy.

    - after deciding on the dimensions, i will create a prototype using a 3D printer, to visually check if i came up with the right scale and size.

    - then, as soon as the prototype is OK, i will extract the codes of my drawing to prepare for CNC machining.

    - now, i should be ready to machine my parts assuming i have now the correct code for the CNC machine.

    - when the parts are machined, I will put the parts together and then test the balancing capability of the steadicam.

    - also, rework if needed
  10. project schedule
    • - this is my projected schedule for the steadicam
    • - in my project schedule, you can see that i have Planning 1 and Planning 2. and they are both lenghty.
    • - that is because while planning is in progress, I am also doing the actual work simultaneously. and that is due to the time constraint to start the project immediately.
    • -Planning 1 takes about 3 weeks, includes determining the dimension, figuring out what manufacturing processes are needed, and what materials are needed.
    • - as soon as the prototype is done and it is approved, PLanning 2 starts, which includes deciding how much material is needed, estimating the cost of the project, and planning the strategy for machining.
    • - you can also see that the Maching stage is the longest in the timeline...about a month... that is because machining takes up the most it includes machine set-up plus the actual machining.
    • - after assembly and testing is done, i have almost a month to do rework, finishing work, and even make another steadicam.
  11. material cost
    • - I divided my estimated cost into 3 types
    • - material cost
    • - machining cost
    • - and labour cost.

    material cost includes....READ SLIDE!
  12. machining cost
    the machining cost covers the ...READ THE SLIDE!
  13. labour cost
    the labour cost covers the time spent on the computer drawing the parts with dimensions and the prototype, and the machine shop time.
  14. cost estimates
    - to summarize the estimated cost....READ THE SLIDE!
  15. project outcomes
    - at the end of this project i will be having a complete working steadicam that will balanced when a camera is mounted and produce a less shaky and smoother video.

    • - it will be stable and durable
    • -also light and portable and user will be wanting to bring
    • this to places with less hassle

    - it will be use as a project display for BCIT open house on MAY

    - most importantly, i will own it at the end of the term

    • - TO CONCLUDE MY PRESENTATION...i will give you an update on where I am now on the project.
    • - I just finish creating the prototype and it seems like the scale and dimensions are I will be extracting the codes next week and hopefully starts machining the parts at the end of this month.
  16. Thank you for your time!!!
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