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  1. Acephate (Orthene)
    • Slightly toxic, organophosphate insecticide
    • Foliar systemic.
    • Affective for aphids,thrips, sawfly larvae, and caterpillars on many ornamental plants
    • cholinesterase inhibitor.
  2. Bifenthrin (Talstar)
    • Moderately toxic, pyrethoid insecticide and acaricide
    • contact and stomach action.
    • Controls a wide range of foliar insects and mites on ornamentals and other crops.
    • Toxic to bees
  3. Carbaryl (Sevin)
    • Widely used carbamate insecticide
    • contact and stomach action
    • slight systemic properties
    • Growth regulator
    • effective on chewing insects
    • gypsy moth, tent caterpillars, japenese beetle, and birch leaf miner also plant bugs, leafhoppers, and certain scale insects
    • highly toxic to bees
  4. Lindane
    • Moderately toxic, organochlorine insecticide
    • can be used only for control of leafminers and woodboring insects
    • posesses considerable vapor toxicity to insects applied as a residual bark drench for borer control
  5. Permitherin
    • Synthetic pytheroid
    • Moderately to slightly toxic
    • non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action, having a slight repellent effect
    • used for control of larvae and adults and eggs of chewing moth and beetle pests
    • degrades rapidly in soil and water.
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