spanish vocab chapters 9 & 10

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  1. el centro
  2. el semaforo (accent over a)
    the traffic light
  3. el semaforo en rojo: Para! (accent over a in semaforo)
    the red light: stop!
  4. el semaforo en verde: Sigue! (accent over a in semaforo)
    the green light: go!
  5. el letrero
    the sign
  6. la senal de alto (enay over n)
    the stop sign
  7. el cruce
    the intersection
  8. el buzon (accent over o)/ los buzones
    the mailbox
  9. el telefono (accent over second e) publico (accent over u)
    the public telephone
  10. el transporte publico (accent over u)
    the public transportation
  11. el bombero, la bombera
    the firefighter
  12. la estacion (accent over o) de bomberos
    the fire station
  13. -eria (accent over i)
  14. la carniceria (accent over second i)
    the butcher shop
  15. la floristeria (accent over second i)
    the flower shop
  16. la fruteria (accent over i)
    the fruit store
  17. la heladeria (accent over i)
    the ice cream store
  18. la panaderia (accent over i)
    the bread store/ bakery
  19. la pescaderia (accent over i)
    the fish store/ market
  20. el quiosco (de periodicos (accent over first o))
    the news stand
  21. la verduleria (accent over i)
    the vegetable store/stand
  22. la direccion (accent over o)/ las direcciones
    the address
  23. indicar
    to show/ to indicate
  24. Me podria Ud. indicar como llegar a...? (accent over i in podria) (accent over first o in como)
    Could you show me how to arrive to...?
  25. doblar
    to turn
  26. dobla (a la derecha...)
    s/he turns (to the right)
  27. cruzar
    to cross
  28. la distancia
    the distance
  29. la milla
    the mile
  30. el kilometro (accent over first o)
    the kilometer
  31. el metro
    the meter
  32. historico, a (accent over first o)
  33. el cepillo de dientes
    the toothbrush
  34. la seda dental
    the dental floss
  35. sudar
    to sweat
  36. el desodorante
    the deodorant
  37. se pone el desodorante
    s/he puts on the deodorant
  38. afeitarse
    to shave oneself
  39. s/he shaves oneself
    se afeita
  40. the shaving cream
    la crema de afeitar
  41. the razor
    la maquina de afeitar (accent over first a in maquina)
  42. the Band-aid (the brand)
    la curita
  43. the bandage
    la venda
  44. to put makeup on
  45. she puts makeup on
    se maquilla
  46. the makeup
    el maquillaje
  47. she takes off the makeup
    se quita el maquillaje
  48. the lips
    los labios
  49. the lipstick
    el lapiz de labios (accent over a in lapiz)/ los lapices de labios (accent over a in lapices)
  50. the finger nails
    las unas (enay over n)
  51. to paint oneself/something
  52. the nail polish
    el esmalte de unas (enay over n in unas)
  53. s/he paints the finger nails with nail polish
    se pinta las unas (enay over n) con esmalte de unas (enay over n)
  54. the perfume
    el perfume
  55. the elevator
    el ascensor
  56. s/he goes up/down the elevator
    sube/baja el ascensor
  57. the stairs
    la escalera
  58. s/he goes up/down the stairs
    sube/baja la escalera
  59. the escalator
    la escalera mecanica (accent over first a)
  60. s/he goes up/down the escalator
    sube/baja la escalera mecanica (accent over first a)
  61. the box
    la caja
  62. the counter (like a clear counter, nordstrom)
    el mostrador
  63. to enter
  64. the entrance
    la entrada
  65. the exit
    la salida
  66. in the back
    al fondo
  67. the restrooms
    los servicios (FYI: los aseos)
  68. the section
    la seccion (accent over o)/ las secciones
  69. men's clothing
    la ropa para caballeros
  70. women's clothing
    la ropa para damas
  71. children's clothing
    la ropa para ninos (enay over second n)
  72. to sell
  73. to go shopping
    hacer las compras
  74. to spend
  75. s/he spends it all
    lo gasta todo

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