AP English Vocab List One

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  1. cognate
    • related by being derived, descended, or borrowed from the same word or root
    • A word, word part, or language that is related to another by common descent or derivation
  2. derivative
    • a word formed from another word or root, such as by adding a prefix or suffix
    • Something taken or received from a specifed source
  3. diminutive
    • A word formed by shortening or adding certain suffixes indicating primarily small sie but also youth, affection, or contempt
    • Relating or referring to a word, suffix or name that is a diminutive or forms one
    • Very small in size
  4. inflection
    • The change in the form of words that indicates a grammatical distinction, such as a number, gender, case, person, tanse, mood or voice
    • Word form of this kind
    • Change in the pitch or tone of the voice
  5. orthography
    The art or study of correct spelling according to established usage
  6. paradigm
    • A list of all the inflectional forms of a particular word
    • An example or model, especially one that is typical or particularly clear
  7. philology
    • The chronological study of language development
    • The study of literature and language as used in literature
  8. phonology
    The science of speech sounds in a language
  9. rhetoric
    • The art of using language effectively
    • The study of the elements used in composition or discourse
    • Insincere and pretentious language
  10. syntax
    The way in which words are arranged or combined to form phrases, clauses, and sentences
  11. belie
    • To picture falsely; misrepresent; disguise
    • To show to be false; contradict
    • To disappoint or leave unfulfilled
  12. clandestine
    Concealed or kept secret, often for unlawful purposes
  13. collusion
    A secret agreement between tow or more persons for a deceitful or fraudulent purpose; conspiracy
  14. dissemble
    • To disguise or conceal behind a false appearance
    • To make a flse show of; feign
    • To conceal one's real motives, nature, or feelings under a pretense
  15. nefarious
    Extremely wicked or infamous; evil; villainous
  16. perfidious
    Disloyal; treacherous
  17. probity
    Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness
  18. scrupulous
    • Acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper; having principles
    • Very conscientious and exacting
  19. spurious
    • Lacking authenticity or validity
    • Constituting forgery
  20. strategem
    • A clever scheme or trick designed to attain a goal
    • A maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy
  21. emanate
    • To come forth, as from a source; originate
    • To send forth; emit
  22. inhibit
    To restrain or hold back; prevent
  23. meander
    • To follow a winding and turning course
    • To wander aimlessly and idly without fixed direction
    • Circuitous windings as of a stream or path
    • Circuitous journey or excursion; ramble
  24. retrogress
    • To return to an earlier, inferior or less complex condition; revert
    • To move or go backward
  25. serpentine
    • Of or resembling a serpent, as in form or movement
    • Subtly sly and tempting
  26. supersede
    • To take the place of; replace
    • To cause to be set aside or displaced; supplant
  27. torpid
    • Lacking energy or vigor; lethargic; sluggish
    • Deprived of the power of motion or feeling; benumbed
    • Dormant; hibernating
  28. transitory
    Existing only briefly; short-lived
  29. undulate
    • To move in waves or with a wavelike motion; ripple
    • To have a wavelike appearance or form
    • To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion
    • To give a wavelike appearance or form to
    • Having a wavy outline or appearance
  30. unremitting
    Never slackening; persistent
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