GRE Essential Words C

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  1. Cacophonous
    unplesant or harsh-sounding
  2. Cadge
    to beg; sponge
  3. Callous
    thick-skinned; insenstivie
  4. Calumny
    false and malcious accusation; slander
  5. Canard
    false; deliberately misleading story
  6. Canon
    an established principle; a basis ot standar for judgement; a group of literary works
  7. Cant
    insincere talk; language of a particular group
  8. Cantankerous
    irritable; ill-humored
  9. Carpicious
  10. Captious
    faultfinding; intending to entrap; as in an agrument
  11. Cardinal
    of foremost importance
  12. Carnal
    of the flesh or body; related to physical
  13. Carping
    to find fault; complain
  14. Cartography
    science of making maps
  15. Caste
    and of the hereditary social classes of Hindu society; social stratification
  16. Castigation
    punishment; chastisement; criticism
  17. Cataclysm
    a violent unheaveal that causes great destruction and change
  18. Catalyst
    something causing change
  19. Categorial
    absolute; without exception
  20. Caucus
    smaller group within an oganizatioin
  21. Causal
    involving a cause
  22. Caustic
    sarcastically biting; burning
  23. Celestiral
    concerning the sky or heavens; sublime
  24. Centrifugal
    moving away from the center
  25. Centripetal
    moving or directed towards a center
  26. Champion
    to defend or support
  27. Chasten
    to correct by punishment or reproof; to restrain to subdue
  28. Chicanery
    trickery; fraud
  29. Churlish
    rude; boorish
  30. Circuitous
  31. Clairvoyant
    one who can predict the future; psychic
  32. Clamor
    noisy outcry
  33. Clique
    a small, excusive group
  34. Cloister
    to confine; seclude
  35. Coagulate
    thicken; congeal
  36. Coalesce
    to cause to become one
  37. Coda
    concluding pare of a literary or musical composition; something that summerizes or concludes
  38. Codify
    to systematize
  39. Cognizant
    informed; conscious; aware
  40. Commensurate
  41. Compendium
    brief. comprehensive summary
  42. Complacent
  43. Complaissant
    overly polite; willing to please; obliging
  44. Complement
    something that completes or makes up a whole
  45. Complaint
  46. Compunction
    uneasiness caused by guilt
  47. Concave
    curving inward
  48. Conciliatory
    overcoming distrust and hostility
  49. Concoct
    to invent
  50. Concomitant
    existing concurrently
  51. Condone
    to overlook voluntarily; forgive
  52. Confound
    to baffle; perplex; mix up
  53. Congenial
    similar in tastes and habits; friendly, suited to
  54. Conjugal
    pertaining to marriage agreement
  55. Connoisseur
    a person possessing expert knowledge or training; a person of informed and discriminating taste
  56. Conscript
    perosn compulsorily enrolled for military service
  57. Consecrate
    to declare sacred
  58. Contend
    to assert
  59. Contentious
    quarrelsome; causing quarrels
  60. Contiguous
    touching; neighboring; connecting without a break
  61. Continence
    self- control; abstention form sexual activity
  62. Contrite
    very sorrowful for a wrong
  63. Contumacious
    disobedient; rebellious
  64. Conundrum
    riddle; puzzle with no solution
  65. Converge
    to approach; come together; tend to meet
  66. Convex
    Curved outward
  67. Convival
  68. Convoluted
    twisted; complicated
  69. Copious
    abundant; plentiful
  70. Coquette
    women who flirts
  71. Cornucopia
    horn overflowing with fruit and grain; state of abundance
  72. Cosmology
    study of the universe as a totality; theory of the origin and structure of the universe
  73. Convert
    hidden; secret
  74. Covetous
    desiring something ownd by another
  75. Cozen
    to mislead by trick or fraud; deceive
  76. Craven
  77. Credence
    acceptance of something as true
  78. Credo
    statement fo belief or principle; creed
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