GRE Essential Words D

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  1. Daunt
    to discourage; intimidate; dishearten
  2. Dearth
  3. Decorum
    proper behavior
  4. Defame
    to malign; harm someome's reputation
  5. Deference
    respect; reguard for another's wish
  6. Defunct
    no longer existing
  7. Delinate
    to represent of depict
  8. Demotic
    pertaining to people
  9. Demur
    to express doubt
  10. Denigrate
    to slur someone's reputation
  11. Denizen
    an inhabitant; a regular visitor
  12. Denouement
    Outcome; unraveling of the plot of a play or work of literature
  13. Deride
    to mock
  14. Derivative
    something derived; unoriginal
  15. Desiccate
    to fry comepletly
  16. Desuetude
    state of disuse
  17. Desultory
    random; disconnected; rambling
  18. Deterrent
    something tht dicourages or hinders
  19. Destraction
    the act of taking away; derogatory comment on a person's character
  20. Diaphanous
    transparent; fine-textured; insubstantial; vague
  21. Diatribe
    bitter verbal attack
  22. Dichotomy
    division into two usually contadictory parts
  23. Diffidence
    shyness; lack of confidence
  24. Diffuse
    to spread out
  25. Digression
    act of straying from the main point
  26. Dirge
    funeral hymn
  27. Diabuse
    to free form a misconception
  28. Discerning
    perceptive; exhibiting keen insight and good judgement
  29. Discomfit
    to make uneasy; disconcert
  30. Discordant
    not in tune
  31. Discredit
    to dishonor; disgrace; cause to doubt
  32. Discrepancy
    difference between
  33. Discrete
    constituting a seperate thing; distinct
  34. Disingenuous
    not candid; crafty
  35. Disparage
    to belittle
  36. Disparate
  37. Dissemble
    to pretend; disguise one's motives
  38. Disseminate
    to spread; scatter; disperse
  39. Dissolution
    disintergration; debauchery
  40. Dissident
    person who disagrees about beliefs
  41. Dissonance
    discord; lack of hormony
  42. Distend
    to expand; swell out
  43. Distill
    extract the essential elements
  44. Distrait
    inattentive; preoccupied
  45. Diverge
    to vary; go indifferent directions for the same point
  46. Divest
    to strip; deprive; rid
  47. Divulge
    to make know something that is a secret
  48. Doctrinaire
    relating to a person who cannot compromise about points of a thory or doctorine; dogmatic; inyielding
  49. Doggerel
    poor verse
  50. Dogmatic
    stating opinions without proof
  51. Dross
    waste; worthless matter; trivial matter
  52. Dupe
    to deceive; trick
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