GRE Essential Words E

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  1. Ebullient
    exhilarated; enthusiastic
  2. Ecectic
    selecting from various sources
  3. Effervescence
    state of high spirits or liveliness; the process of bubbling as gas escapes
  4. Effete
    depleted of vitality; overrefined; decadent
  5. Efficacy
    efficiency; effectiveness
  6. Effrontery
    shameless boldness; presumpruousness
  7. Egoism
    the tendency to see things in relation to oneself; seof-centeredness
  8. Egotistical
    excessively self-centered; conceited
  9. Elegy
    poem or song expressing lamentation
  10. Elicit
    to provoke; draw out
  11. Elixir
    a substance believed to have the power to cure ills
  12. Elysian
    blissful; delightful
  13. Emaciated
    thin and wasted
  14. Embellish
    to adrorn; decorate; enhance; make more attractive by adding details
  15. Emollient
    soothing; mollifying
  16. Empirical
    derived from observation that soothes or makes more acceptable
  17. Entomology
    the scientific study of insects
  18. Ephemeral
    short-lived; fleeting
  19. Epistemology
    branch of philosophy that examines the nature of knowledge
  20. Equable
    steady; unvarying; serene
  21. Equanimity
    composure; calmness
  22. Equivocate
    intentionally use of vague language
  23. Errant
    mistaken; straying formt he proper course
  24. Erudite
    learned; scholarly
  25. Esoteric
    hard to understand; known to only few
  26. Essay
    to omake an attempt; subject to a test
  27. Estimable
    admirable; possible to estimate
  28. Ethnocentric
    based on the attitude that ons's group is superior
  29. Etionlogy
    causes of origins
  30. Etymology
    origin and history of a word
  31. Eugenics
    study of factors that influences the hereditary qualities of the human race and ways to improve these qualities
  32. Euphemism
    use of agreeable or inoffensive language in place of unpleasant or offensive language
  33. Euphoria
    feeling extreme happiness
  34. Evince
    to show plainly; be an indication of
  35. Evocative
    tending to call to mind or produce a reation
  36. Exacerbate
    to aggravate; make worse
  37. Exact
    to forsce the payment of; demand and abtain by authority
  38. Exculpate
    to clear of blame; vindicate
  39. Execrable
    detestable; abhorrent
  40. Exhort
    to urge by stong appeals
  41. Exigency
    crisis; urgent requirements
  42. Existential
    having to do with existence; based on experience; having to do with the philosophy of exisentialism
  43. Exorcise
    to expel evil spirits; free from bad influences
  44. Expatiate
    to speak or write at length
  45. Expetriate
    to send into exile
  46. Expiate
    to atone for
  47. Explicate
    to explain; interpret; clarify
  48. Expository
  49. Extant
    in existence; not lost
  50. Extemporaneous
  51. Extirpate
    to root up; to detroy
  52. Extraneous
    not essential
  53. Extrapolation
    the act of estimation by projecting known information
  54. Extrinsic
    not inherent or essential
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