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  1. What are types of changes are usualy included within the scope of change mgment?
    • -Changes to a mainframe computer
    • -Changes to a SLA
    • -The retirement of a service
  2. What are the purposes of service operation?
    • -To deliver and manage IT services
    • -To manage the technology user to deliver services
    • -To monitor the performance of technology and processes
  3. What does the term It operations stand for?
    overseeing the execution and monitoring of operational activities and events
  4. The process responsible for recoding relationships between service components?
    Service asset and configuration mgment (SACM)
  5. What is the RACI model used for?
    Documenting the notes and reponsibilites of stockholders in a preoceess or activity
  6. Example of an operational level agreement?
    A written agreement b=between a It service provider and another part of the same organization that assists in the provision of services.
  7. What is the main purpose of availability mgment?
    To ensure that service availability mean the agreed needs of the business.
  8. Name the the 5 service life cycles
    • -Service strategy
    • -Service design
    • -Service transition
    • -Service operation
    • -Continual service improvement
  9. An example of a configuration management system (CMS)?
    If an organization outsources its IT services there is still need for a CMS.
  10. What ate the 3 sub-processes of capacity mgment?
    Business capacity mgment, service capacity and component capacity mgmnet.
  11. What can be stored in the definitive media library (DML)?
    • -Copies of purchased software
    • -copies if internally developed software
    • -Relevant license documentation
  12. What process is responsible for reviewing OLA's on regular basis?
    Service level mgment
  13. Example of what service transition provides guidance on?
    • -Introducing new services
    • -Decommissioning services
    • -Transfer of services between service providers
  14. which role should ensure the process documentation is current and available?
    the process owner
  15. Examples on what the release and deployment management process address?
    • - Defining and agreeing release and deployment plans
    • -Ensuring release packages can be tracked
  16. What are the characteristics of every process?
    • -It is measurable
    • - It delivers a specific result
    • - It delivers its primary results to a customer or stakeholder
  17. Key ITIL characteristics that contribute to its success?
    • -It is vendor-neutral
    • - It is non-prescriptive
    • -It is a standard
  18. Who should be access to the information security policy?
    -All customers, users and IT staff
  19. Valid elements of a service design package?
    • - Agreed and documented business requirements
    • -A plan for transition of the service
    • -Requirements for new or changed processes
    • - Metrics to measure the service
  20. Tools that support the service transition stage of the service life-cycle?
    • -A tool to store definitive versions of software
    • -A workflow tool for managing changes
    • -An automated software distribution tool
    • -Testing and validation tools
  21. Give examples about problem management
    • - It ensures that all resolutions or workarounds that require a change to be configuration item (CI) are submitted through change management
    • -It provides management information about the cost of resolving and preventing problems
  22. What is the purpose of the request fulfillment process?
    - Dealing with service requests from the users
  23. What is an example of value creation through service is correct?
    -The customer's perception of the service is an important factor in value creation
  24. An example of internal and external customers statement
    - Internal and external customers should receive the level of customer service that has been agreed
  25. Which on of the fallowing should IT services deliver to customers?
  26. What activity is part of SLM process?
    -Monitoring service performance against service level agreements(SLAs)
  27. Which one of the following BEST summarizes the purpose of event management?
    -The ability to detect events, make sense of them and determine the appropriate control action
  28. Which one of the fallowing should a service catalogue contain?
    Details of all operational services
  29. What does "Warranty of a service" mean?
    -Customers are assured of certain levels of availability, capacity, continuity and security
  30. Which is the first activity of the continual service improvement (CSI) approach?
    -Understand the business vision and objectives
  31. Which one of the following is a benefit of using an incident model?
    -It provides pre-defined steps for handling particular types of incidents
  32. Sequence of activities for handling an incident?
    -Identification, logging, categorization, initial diagnosis, escalation, investigation and diagnosis, resolution and recovery, closure
  33. What measurement methods will provide the required metrics for new or changed services?
    -Service design
  34. Which of the fallowing processes are concerned with managing risks to services?
    • - IT service continuity management
    • -Information security management
    • -Service catalogue management
  35. Which of the following is NOT a type of metric described in continual service improvement?
    -personnel metrics
  36. What is the relationship of CMS and SKMS?
    -The CMS is part of the SKMS
  37. What is the role of emergency change advisory board?
    -To assist the change manager in evaluating emergency changes and to decide whether they should be authorized
  38. Which of the fallowing statements about the service desk is/are correct?
    • -The service desk is a function that provides a means of communication between IT and its users for all operational issues
    • -The service desk should be the owner of the problem management process
  39. List the four P's of service design?
    -People, partners, products, processes
  40. Choose the best course of action to take when a problem workaround is found?
    -The problem record remains open and details of the workaround are documented within it
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