Spanish Subjunctive "U"

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  1. a condicion de que
    provided that (always)
  2. a fin de que
    so, so that (always)
  3. a menos que
    unless (always)
  4. a no ser que
    unless (always)
  5. antes de que
    before (alwasy in present but when in past you use preterite)
  6. con tal que
    provided that (always)
  7. en caso de
    in case that (always)
  8. para que
    so that, in order that (always)
  9. sin que
    without (always)
  10. de manera que
    so, so that (sometimes)
  11. de modo que
    so, so that (sometimes)
  12. mientras que
    while (sometimes)
  13. en cuanto
    as soon as (sometimes)
  14. tan pronto como
    as soon as (sometimes)
  15. asi que
    so, so that( sometimes)
  16. desques de que
    after ( sometimes)
  17. luego que
    as soon as (sometimes0
  18. para cuando
    by the time that (sometimes)
  19. hasta que
    until (sometimes)
  20. cuando
    when (sometimes)
  21. una vez que
    once (sometimes)
  22. cada vez que
    each time that (sometimes)
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