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  1. Distance
    • amount of space between to points
    • allways positive
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    • in:
    • m, km
  2. Time
    • how long it takes for a motion to occur
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    • in: sec, min, hr
  3. Avrage speed
    • the total distance divided by the total time of the trip
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    • in: m/s . km/h
  4. Instantaneous speed
    • speed being travalled at one point in time
    • in:
    • m/s, km/h
  5. Velocity
    • speed and direction of a motion
    • how fast position is changing

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    • in:
    • m/s, km/h
  6. Displacement
    an object change in position

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    • in: m, km
  7. Acceleration,
    • the change in spped during a cerain time
    • *speeding up
    • *slowing down

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  8. differnce between distance and displacement
    • distance is the how far someone/ something travled in total: ex: walk to the park 1km walk back home 1km total ditance walked 2km
    • displacement is were the person/objecet location compered to starting point:
    • ex dining table (0,0) displacemet, walk to fridge at (1,5) displace ment then walk back to table you are ones again at (0,0) displacement

  9. Uniform motion
    • same speed travled throughout time
    • in: m/s, km/h
  10. difference between uniform motion and accelreated motion
    • uniform motion - constant speed throughtout the whole time
    • accelreated motion - speed is gradualy increasing
  11. Newtons third law
    every action has an equale reaction
  12. Newtons second law
  13. Newtons first law
    • -object in motion likes to stay in motion
    • -object at rest like to stay at rest
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