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  1. Commitee of Sponsoring Orgs. (COSO)
    A private sector group consisting of the American Accounting Assoc., AICPA, the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Institute of Management Accountants, and Financial Executives International
  2. Cold Site
    A location that provides everything necessary to quickly install computer equipment in the event of a disaster-stricken org.
  3. CMOS
    A type of memory chip powered by a small battery on the motherboard that retains its data when the power is turned off
  4. Closed loop verfication
    An input validation method in which data that has been entered into the system is sent back to the sending device so that the user can verify that the correct data has been entered
  5. Client/Sever System
    An arrangement of a LAN where info requested by a user is first processed as much as possible by the server and then transmitted to the user, opposite of fileserver
  6. Chief Security Officer (CSO)
    A person who conducts vulnerability tests and risk assessments on security meassures implemented by the company
  7. Check Digit
    A redundant digit in a data field that provides info about the other digits in the data field, used to check for errors or loss of characters
  8. Certificate Authority
    An independent organization that issues digital certificates
  9. Centralized Data Processing System
    All the data processing equipment, personnel, and controls located in the same geographical area.
  10. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
    A type of monitor used in some personal computers and computer terminals
  11. Capacity Check
    An input validation routine that ensures that data will fit into its assigned field
  12. Canned Software
    Programs written by computer manufacturers or software developerment companies for sale on the open market with a broad range of users
  13. Callback System
    A routing verification procedure, user dials in and is authenticated and then the computer disconnects and calls the user back.Click to flip
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