Romeo and Juliet Vocab 1

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  1. apothecary
    one who prepares and sells drugs and compounds for medical purposes; a druggist
  2. augment
    to make larger in size, number, strength or extent
  3. belligerent
    agressively hostile; of warlike character
  4. chaste
    celibate; sexually pure; mosdest; undefiled
  5. courtier
    one who atteneds the king or queen at the royal court
  6. disparage
    to put down; to belittle; to degrade
  7. heretic
    a professed believer who holds religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his church
  8. jest
    a joke, a comic incident, a witty remark or to joke or make witty remarks
  9. nuptials
    relating to a wedding or a marriage ceremony
  10. pernicious
    causing harm; injurious; destructive
  11. posterity
    descendents; all future generation
  12. profane
    to treat something sacred with disrespect or unholy; heathen
  13. visage
    the face or countance
  14. knave
    an upricipled, untrustworthy or dishonest fellow; a male servent
  15. lamentable
    regettable; mournful
  16. orb
    a sphere or globe; a celestial sphere like the sun or moon
  17. poultice
    a soft, usually warm and medicated mass of bread, meal or clay spread on cloth and applied to sores
  18. perjery
    deliberatly swearing to untruth; lying under oath
  19. procure
    to get; to take possession of
  20. rancor
    enmity; bitter ill-will; hatred; malice
  21. sallow
    a sikly yellowish color
  22. unwieldy
    cumbersome; unmanageable due to buld or weight
  23. vex
    to irritate or annoy
  24. vile
    wretchedly bad; foul; repulsive
  25. abhor
    to destest utterly; to loathe; to scorn
  26. asunder
    into seperate parts
  27. bier
    • 1. a frame work for carrying
    • 2. a stand on which a corpse or coffin is placed
  28. carrion
    dead and put refying flesh
  29. dissemble
    to conceal facts or feeling; to hide under a false appearence
  30. doublet
    a man's close-fitting jacket worn in Europe durring the Renaissance
  31. exile
    a forced removal from one's country or home
  32. fickle
    likely to change quicky or on whim; not consistant or loyal
  33. herald
    • 1. an official crier or messanger (noun)
    • 2. to announce (verb)
  34. jocund
    cheerfulness; liveliness; high spirited
  35. cull
    to select from a group; to choose
  36. dirge
    a song or hymn of grief or lamentation; funeral music
  37. loathsome
  38. orison
    a prayer
  39. prostrate
    streached out with face on the ground; to humble oneself
  40. solace
    a source of relief; comfort in sorrow
  41. ambiguous
    capable of being understood in two or more ways; open to several possible meanings
  42. aloof
    indiffernt; reserved
  43. amorous
    realting to being in love
  44. betrothed
    promised in marriage; engaged
  45. dire
    dimal; extreme; disastrous
  46. auspicious
    promising succes; favorable; of good omen
  47. obsequies
    funeral or burial rites
  48. peruse
    to read through with thoroughness and care
  49. pine
    to yearn intensely for something unattainable
  50. sepulcher

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