GRE Essential Words G, H

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  1. Gainsay
    to deny; dispute; oppose
  2. Gambol
    to frolic; leap playfully
  3. Garrulous
    very talkative; wordy
  4. Gauche
    coarse and uncouth; clumsy
  5. Genilaity
    cheerfulness; kindness; socialbility
  6. Gerrymander
    to divide an area into voting districts in a way that favors a political party
  7. Glib
    fluent in an insincere way; offhand
  8. Goad
    to prod; urge on
  9. Gossamer
    sheer; light and delicate
  10. Gouge
    to tear out; scoop out; overcharge
  11. Grandiloquent
    pompous; bombastic
  12. Gregarious
  13. Grouse
    to complain
  14. Guileless
    free of cunning or deceit; artless
  15. Guise
    outward apperance; false apperance; pretense
  16. Gullible
    easily deceived
  17. Gustatory
    affecting the sense of taste
  18. Halcyon
    calm and peaceful; happy; golden; prosperous
  19. Hollowed
    sacred; holy
  20. Harangue
    pompous speech; tirade
  21. Harrowing
    extremely distressing; terrifying
  22. Hermetic
    tightly sealed; no widely accepted
  23. Hirsute
    covered with hair
  24. Histrionic
    relating to exaggereated emotional behavior calculated for effect; theatrical arts or performances
  25. Homeostasis
    • automatic maintenance by an organism of normal temperature, chemical balance
    • ex. the regulation of glucose levels in the blood by the liver or pancreas
  26. Homily
    sermon; tedious moralizing lecture; platitude
  27. Homogeneous
    composed of identical parts; uniform in composition
  28. Hyperbole
    purposeful exaggeration for effect
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