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    • What is an act?
    • A main division of drama
  1. What is alliteration?
    The repetion of of the same intial consanant sound in two or more consecutive or closely associated words
  2. Allusion
    A reference to a literary or historical person or event to explain a present situation
  3. Aside
    A brief remark made by a character which is ment to be heard by the audience or another character
  4. Atmosphere
    Mood established by events, places, or situation
  5. Comic relief
    A humorous scene or speech in a serious drama which is ment to provide relief from emotional intensity
  6. Foreshadowing
    A hint of what is to come
  7. Imagery
    Words or phrases that appeal to the senses
  8. Irony
    A contrast between what is and what appears to be types include verbal and dramatic
  9. Metaphor
    A figure of speech that implies or states a comparision between two unlike things which are similar in some way
  10. Oxymoron
    A combination of two contradictory terms for sake of emphasis
  11. Personification
    A figure of speech in which human qualities are attributated to inamimate obejects animals or ideas
  12. Rhetoric
    The art of persuasion
  13. Scene
    A small unit of an act in a play in which there is no shift of locale or time
  14. Simile
    a figure of speech that compares two unlike things using like or as
  15. Soliloquy
    A speech given by a character alone on the stage to let the audience know what the character is thinking and feeling
  16. Tragedy
    A type of drama of human conflict which ends in defeat and suffering
  17. Parrallel structure
    Using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance
  18. Antithesis
    Two sentences of contrasting meaning
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