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    • Who dominated the paris peace conference
    • The big four
  1. Who were the big four
    • George- england
    • Clemenceau- france
    • Vittoro- itatly
    • Wilson- usa
  2. What did wilson want for democray
    To make the world safe for democracy
  3. What,were four of the 14 points
    • Freedom of seas
    • Self determination
    • Easy treaty
    • League of nations
  4. Who refused freedom of seas
  5. Why did self determination not fully work
    Most but not all nations recieved it
  6. Who opposed easy treaty
  7. What made the league of nations impossible
  8. How many treaties where signed
  9. What were the,two outcomes of the treaties
    • New nations forms
    • League of nations
  10. What were the outcomes of the,treaty of versallies
    • German army limited to 25,000 men
    • Reparations pay for the war
    • Germany takes Responisbility
    • Germany finally admitted to the league of nations
    • Lost land
  11. Who fought the battle over the treaties in the us
    • Wilson= interventionalist
    • Lodge (r)= isolationist
  12. What happened during wilsons tour to convince people join the league,of nations
    He had a stroke
  13. Did the senate approve the treaty
  14. What happened between 1918-1920
    Spanish flu epidemic
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