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  1. What is the scientific name and street name of a bacteria with no cell wall?
    • mycoplasma pneumonia
    • (walking pneumonia)
  2. What type of bacteria is mycobacterium?
  3. What gram negative bacteria is ubiquitous(lives in soil), has a bacillis shape, loves water, and has smaller porin proteins?
    pseudomonas aeroginosa
  4. What does pseudomonas aeroginosa cause?
    • swimmers ear
    • death by suffocation in cystic fibrosis patients
  5. Who are at high risk of being infected with pseudomonas aeroginosa?
    • cystic fibrosis patients
    • burn patients
  6. What diseases have a glycocalx capsule?
    • streptococcus mutans
    • streptococcus pnemonia
  7. What chain of circular bacteria becomes an opportunist in the mouth?
    streptococcus mutans
  8. What normal flora in the throat causes pnemonia in the lungs?
    streptococcus pnemonia
  9. What does the antibiotic penicillin do?
    • digests the peptidoglycan of bacteria
    • prevents from binary fission being completed
    • *new bacteria cells made without peptidoglycan will burst
  10. What disease uses the endorspore mechanism to survive?
    C. tetani
  11. What do the endospores of C. tetani do to the body?
    • release exotoxins
    • exotoxins caught lockjaw and other tight painful contractions
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