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  1. AA
    Amino Acid
  2. AAFC
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  3. ACTH
    AdrenoCorticoTropic Hormone
  4. ACUC-L
    Animal Care and Use Committee - Livestock
  5. ADF
    Acid Detergent Fibre
  6. ADG
    Average Daily Gain
  7. ADH
    Anti-Diuretic Hormone
  8. AFAC
    Alberta Farm Animal Care
  9. AFC
    Agriculture and Food Council
  10. AI
    Artificial Insemination
  11. AI
    Avian Influenza
  12. AI-Bio
    Alberta Innovates BIOsolutions
  13. AIA
    Alberta Institure of Agrologists
  14. ALES
    Agricultural, Life and Environment Sciences (faculty)
  15. ALF
    Animal Liberation Front
  16. ALMA
    Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
  17. AME
    Apparent Metabolizable Energy
  18. ANAC
    Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
  19. ARD
    Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
  20. BCA
    Breed Class Average
  21. BCS
    Body Condition Score
  22. BF
  23. BMP
    Best Management Practices
  24. BMR
    Basal Metabolic Rate
  25. BSE
    Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
  26. BW
    Body Weight
  27. BST
    Bovine SomatoTrophin
  28. CA
    Corpus Albicans
  29. CARC
    Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
  30. CCAC
    Canadian Council on Animal Care
  31. CCIA
    Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
  32. CCP
    Critical Control Point
  33. CF
    Crude Fibre
  34. CL
    Corpus Luteum
  35. CLA
    Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  36. CFO
    Confined Feeding Operations
  37. CNS
    Central Nervous System
  38. COFFS
    Canadian On-Farm Food Safety program
  39. CP
    Crude Protein
  40. CSF
    CerebroSpinal Fluid
  41. DE
    Digestible Energy
  42. DHI
    Dairy Herd Improvement
  43. DM
    Dry Matter
  44. DOA
    Dead On Arrival
  45. DY
    Double Yolked (ie. an egg)
  46. ELISA
    Enzyme Linked ImmunoadSorbent Assay
  47. EODES
    Erractic Oviposition and Defective Egg Syndrome
  48. ET
    Embryo Transfer
  49. FA
    Fatty Acid
  50. FCC
    Farm Credit Canada
  51. FCR
    Feed Conversion Rate
  52. FE
    Feed Efficiency
  53. FSH
    Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  54. GATT
    General Agreement on Tarrifs and Trade
  55. GE
    Gross Energy
  56. GF
    Growth Factor
  57. GH
    Growth Hormone
  58. GIT
    Gastro-Intestinal Tract
  59. GnRH
    GonadotropiN Releasing Hormone
  60. GMP
    Good Manufacturing Practices
  61. h2
  62. HACCP
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  63. HCG
    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  64. HH
    Hen Housed (ie. egg production)
  65. HD
    Hen Day (ie. egg production)
  66. Ig
  67. IGF
    Insulin-like Growth Factor
  68. IM
    IntraMuscular (ie. injection)
  69. IP
    IntraPeritoneal (ie. injection)
  70. IQF
    Individually Quick Frozen
  71. IV
    IntraVenous (ie. injection)
  72. IVF
    In Vitro Fertilization
  73. LDA
    Left-Diplaced Abomasum
  74. LH
    Luteinizing Hormone
  75. MAK
    Modified Atmosphere Killing
  76. ME
    Metabolizable Energy
  77. MSQ
    Market Share Quota
  78. NE
    Net Energy
  79. NEm
    Net Energy of Maintenance
  80. NEp
    Net Energy of Production
  81. NFE
    Nitrogen-Free Extract
  82. OFFSAP
    On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program
  83. OIE
    World Organization for Animal Health (Office International des Epizooties)
  84. OT
  85. PETA
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  86. PG
  87. PID
    Premises IDentification
  88. PMSG
    Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin
  89. PMU
    Pregnant Mare Urine
  90. PSE
    Pale, Soft, Exudative (ie. - condition of meat)
  91. PSS
    Porcine Stress Syndrome
  92. RBC
    Red Blood Cell
  93. RFI
    Residual Feed Intake
  94. RH
    Relative Humidity
  95. RIA
  96. RP
    Retained Placenta
  97. RP
    Rectractor Penis muscle
  98. RP
    Rectained Placenta
  99. RTE
    Ready to Eat
  100. SDS
    Sudden Death Syndrome (Flip Syndrome)
  101. SM5
    The five supply managed commodities in Canada (Milk, Chickens, Eggs, Turkey and Broiler hatching eggs)
  102. SNP
    Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
  103. SPCA
    Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  104. SRM
    Specified Risk Materials
  105. T3
  106. T4
  107. TDN
    Total Digestible Nutrients
  108. TGE
    Transmissible GastroEnteritis
  109. TMR
    Total Mixed Ration
  110. UCVM
    University of Calgary faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  111. USDA
    United States Department of Agriculture
  112. UVJ
    Utero-Vaginal Junction
  113. WCVM
    Western College of Veterinary Medicine
  114. WHO
    World Health Organization
  115. POF
    Post Ovulating Follicle
  116. COP
    Cost of Production
  117. CFIA
    Canadian Food Insection Agency
  118. QA
    Quality Assurance
  119. QAP
    Quality Assurance Program
  120. ROP
    Record Of Performance
  121. NCR
    National Research Council
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