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  1. System of Equations with No Solution
    • Two lines that never intersect, they are parallel (they have the same slope)
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  2. System of equations with infinite solutions
    • System where both equations represent the same line, they intersect at all points on the line
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  3. Quadratic Parent Function
    • y = x2
    • Domain: All real Numbers (chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=-%5Cinfty%3Cx%3C%5Cinfty&chs=166x24
    • Range  chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=y%5Cge0&chs=80x36
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  4. Parent Function
    • The most basic graph (no shifts, stretches, etc.).
    • *Must go through the origin*
    • *Must be positive*
  5. Exponential Decay
    • y=a(1-r)t

    a = initial value

    r = decay rate (a percent)

    t = time

    Domain: 0<x<chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cinfty&chs=34x20
  6. Exponential Growth
    • y=a(1+r)t

    a = initial value

    r = growth rate (a percent)

    t = time

    Domain: 0<x<chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cinfty&chs=34x20
  7. Image UploadHorizontal Asymptote
    • ALWAYS the x-axis (the equation y=0)
    • An imaginary barrier that prevents the graph from crossing the x-axis
  8. Vertex Form of a Quadratic

    h is the opposite of what is in the formula

    Vertex: (h, k)
  9. Exponential Functions
    Equations where the variable is the exponent   y=a(b)x

    • a is the y-intercept (the number without x)
    • Domain: chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=-%5Cinfty%3Cx%3C%5Cinfty&chs=166x24
    • Range: 0<y<chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cinfty&chs=34x20 (y-int is positive), chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=-%5Cinfty&chs=64x20<y<0 (y-int is negative)
    • Horizontal asymptote: y=0
  10. Evaluating Functions
    If f(x)=3x+5, find f(2)

    • Plug in 2 for x
    • f(2)=3(2)+5
    • f(2)=6+5
    • f(2)=11
    •  Same thing as (2,11)
  11. Arithmetic Sequence
    A sequence created by multiplying a constant amount


    a1– the first term

    d – the common difference

    n – represents a position in the pattern (ex. if n = 9 it is the 9th term)
  12. Geometric Sequence
    A sequence created by multiplying a constant amount


    a1– the first term

    r – the common ratio

    n – represents a position in the pattern (ex. if n = 9 it is the 9th term)
  13. Linear Parent Function
    • y = x
    • Domain: All Real Numbers chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=-%5Cinfty%3Cx%3C%5Cinfty&chs=166x24
    • Range: All Real Numbers chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=-%5Cinfty%3Cy%3C%5Cinfty&chs=166x30

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  14. Domain
    • The X-VALUES for a given function
    • The INPUT values for a given function
  15. Range
    • The Y-VALUES for a given function
    • The OUTPUT values for a given function
  16. Continuous Data
    Data that is connected

    DoLoR the RoBoT

    • Domain Left to Right  __<x<__
    • Range Bottom to Top  __<y<__

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  17. Slope
    chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=%5Cfrac%7Brise%7D%7Brun%7D&chs=58x58    Image Upload


    rate of change

    attached to "x"

    y per x
  18. Equation of a line
    y = mx + b

    m = slope (how much you Move)

    b = y - intercept (where you Begin)
  19. X - intercept
    Point where the graph crosses the x-axis

    when y = 0

    (x, 0)

    aka: Root, zero of a function, solution

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  20. Y - intercept
    Point where a graph crosses the y-axis

    when x = 0

    (0, y)

    The beginning, initial value, starting point, first

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  21. Negative Exponents
    To make an exponent positive, move it to either the top or bottom (the opposite of where it starts at).

    Remember:  Negative exponents are unhappy so we must MOVE them to make them happy!

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  22. Negative Slope
    Goes down from Left to right

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  23. Positve Slope
    Goes Up from left to right

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  24. Undefined slope
    Up and Down is Undefined

    • All equations:  x=#
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  25. Zero Slope

    y = a#

    • (it can be graphed in the calculator)
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  26. Solution to a system of equations
    • The point where the two graphs intersect
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  27. Solving equations
    The value or values that make the equation or inequality true

    (plug in the values and see which one works)
  28. Vertex
    Lowest (minimum) or highest (maximum) point of a parabola

    Determines Range

    • Minimum:  Range  y>k
    • Maximum:  Range  y<k

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  29. Direct Variation
    Change it to "divided by" - its the same thing as slope!

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  30. Exponent Rules
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  31. Parabola
    The graph of a quadratic equation (y = x2)

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    Positive opens up, negative opens down
  32. Origin

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  33. y=(x-c)+d
    c is INSIDE so its a horitzontal transfomration

    • +c - move left
    • -c - move right

    d is outside the parentheses so its a vertical shift

    • +d - move up
    • -d - move down
  34. chart?chf=bg,s,00000000&cht=tx&chl=y%3D(ax)%5E2&chs=142x46
    is INSIDE so its a HORIZONTAL stretch/compress

    a > 1 - Horizontal COMPRESSION of 1/a

    0<a<1 (means a is between 0 and 1) - Horizontal Stretch of 1/a

    HIO (Horizontal Inside Opposite)
  35. y=ax2
    "a" stretches/compresses the graph - a is OUTSIDE so its effects the graph vertically

    a > 1 - Vertical STRETCH

    0<a<1 (means a is between 0 and 1) - Vertical COMPRESSION
  36. Quadrants
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  37. Solutions of a quadratic equation

    (where the graph crosses the x-axis)

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  38. perimeter
    The distance around the outside of a figure

    How to find it: Add up all the sides

    (in a circle, it is called the circumference)
  39. Less than or equal to
    • <
    • Made with the LEFT hand
    • shade BELOW
    • Use Solid Line or Solid Circle
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  40. Less than
    • <
    • Made with the LEFT hand
    • shade BELOW
    • Use Dashed Line or Open Circle

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  41. Greater Than or Equal To
    • >
    • Made with the RIGHT hand
    • shade ABOVE
    • Use Dashed Line or Open Circle
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  42. Greater than
    • >
    • Made with the RIGHT hand
    • shade ABOVE
    • Use Dashed Line or Open Circle

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  43. Parallel lines
    Have the same slope

    Never touch

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  44. Perpendicular lines
    • Meet at a 90o angle
    • Slopes are flipped and switched

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  45. Line of symmetry
    A line that can be drawn through a figure that causes both sides to look identical
  46. function
    • The x’s don’t repeat!!!
    • Passes the vertical line test
    • (if you draw a vertical line anywhere on the graph it only touches the graph once)

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  47. Dependent Variable
    (dependent quantity)
    • Y
    • Variable who’s value DEPENDS on another variable
    • (must be an unknown)
    • What occurs second

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  48. Independent Variable
    (independent quantity)
    • X
    • Variable who’s value can be chosen
    • If given an equation, it is the variable IN the equation
    • (must be an unknown)
    • What occurs first

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  49. Discrete Data
    • Data that is disconnected. 
    • Written as {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
    • Ex: Counting

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  50. Multiplying Polynomials
    Use the box method

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  51. Rational Exponents
    Exponents that are fractions can be rewritten as roots

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  52. Plotting Points
    (x, y)

    • 1st - Left or Right
    • 2nd - Up or Down

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