GRE Essential Words N,O

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  1. Necromancy
    black magic
  2. Neologism
    new word or expression
  3. Neophyte
    novice; beginner
  4. Nexus
    a means of connetion; a connected group or series; a center
  5. Nonplussed
  6. Nostalgia
    sentimental longing for a past time
  7. Nostrum
    medicine or remedy of doubtful effectiveness; supposed cure
  8. Nugatory
    trifling; invalid
  9. Obdurate
  10. Obsequious
    overly submissive
  11. Obsequy
    funeral ceremony
  12. Obviate
    to make unnecessary; to anticipate and prevent
  13. Occlude
    to shut; block
  14. Occult
    relating to practices connected with supernatural phenomena
  15. Odyssey
    a long, adventurous voyage; a quest
  16. Officious
    too heplful; meddlesome
  17. Oligarchy
    form of government in which power belongs to only a few leaders
  18. Onerous
  19. Onomatopoeia
    formation or use of words that imitate sounds of the actions they refer to
  20. Opprobrium
    disgrace; contempt
  21. Ornithologist
    scientist who studies birds
  22. Oscillate
    to move back and forth
  23. Ostentatious
    showy; trying to attract attentionl pretentious
  24. Overweening
    presumptuous; arrogant; overbering
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