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  1. Benomyl (tursan)
    • Relatively toxic, systemic fungicide
    • controls a wide range of diseases of ornamentals
    • controls anthacnose, dollar spot, fusarium blight, pink snow mold, necrotic ring spot, brown patch, smuts, and summer patch in turfgrass
  2. Captan
    • Relatively non-toxic, general protectant-eradicant fungicide
    • controls foliar diseases including apple scab on crabapples, also controls leaf-spot and brown patch in turfgrass
  3. Iprodione
    • Relatively non-toxic, broad-spectrum
    • contact fungicide for control of ornamental and turfgrass disease
    • controls dollar spot, fusarium blight, snow molds, helminthosporium diseases, necrotic ring spot, red thread, and brown patch
  4. Metalaxyl (subdue)
    • Slightly toxic, foliar or soil applied fungicide, with curative and systemic properties
    • controls phytophthora and pythium in many crops including rhododendrons.
    • controls downy mildew (yellow turf) and phthium in turfgrass
  5. Propiconazol (banner)
    • Slightly toxic, foliar fungicide
    • provides broad spectrum control of ornamentals and turf disease
    • controls anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch, snow mold, helminthosporium diseases, powdery mildew, and red thread in turf grass
    • ornamental disease control rust, leaf spot (apple scab) powdery mildew, and blights
  6. Triadimefon (Bayleton)
    • Slightly toxic, systemic fungicide which provides broad spectrum control of foliage disease
    • controls rusts and powdery mildew
    • turfgrass controls are anthracnose, dollar spot, fusarium blight, snow molds, powdery mildew, red thread, brown patch, rust, summer patch, and stripe smut
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