business 100 chapter 1 part 3

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  1. barter
    a system of exchange in which goods are serviced and traded directly from othere goods and/or services without using money
  2. domestic system
    a method of manufacturing in which an entrepeneur distributes raw materials to various homes, where families process them into finished goods to be offered for sale by the merchant entrepeneur
  3. factory system
    a system of manufacturing in which all the materials, machinary, and workers required to manufacture a product are assembled in one place
  4. specialization
    the seperation of a manufacturing process into distinct tasks and the assignment of the different tasks to different individuals
  5. e-buisiness
    the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell through the internet; for a profit, the products and services that satisfy societys needs
  6. sustainability
    meeting the needs of the presentwithout comprimising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
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