business 100 chapter 2 part 2

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  1. the economic model on social responsibility
    society will benifit the most when business is left alone to produce and market profitable products that society needs
  2. the socioeconomic model of social responsibility
    business should emphasize not only profits but also the impact of its decisions on society
  3. consumerism
    all activites undertaken to protect the rights of consumers
  4. the basic rights of consumers
    the right to satisfy, be informed, consumer education, curtious service, be heard
  5. the major consumerism forces
    individual consumer advocates and organizations, consumer education programs, and consumer laws
  6. affirmitive action program
    a plan designed to increase the number of minority employees at all levels within an organization; dosnt have quotas
  7. equal employment oportunity comission
    a government agency with power to investigate complaints of employment discrimination and power to sue firms that practice it
  8. hard-core unemployment
    workers with little education or vocational training and a long history of unemployment
  9. natural alliance of business
    a joint business-government program to train the hard-core unemployed
  10. social audit
    a comprehensive report of what an organization has done and is doing with regards to social issues that affect it
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