business 100 chapter 3 part 2

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  1. draft
    issued by the exporter's bank, ordering the importer's bank to pay for merchandise, thus guarenteeing payment once accepted by the importer's bank
  2. joint venture
    a partnership formed to achieve a specific goal or to operate for a specific period of time
  3. strategic alliances
    a partnership formed to create competitive advantage on a worldwide basis
  4. trading company
    provides a link between buyers and sellers in different countries
  5. countertrade
    an international barter transaction
  6. multinational enterprise
    a firm that operates on a worldwide scale without ties to any specfic nation or religion
  7. trade promition coordinating comittee(TPCC)
    assists u.s. firms in developing export-promotion programs; can help american firms to compete in foreign markets and create new jobs in the u.s.
  8. export-import bank of the united states
    an import angency of the u.s. government whose function is to assist in financing the exports of american firms
  9. multilateral development bank (MDB)
    an intenationally supported bank that provides loans to developing countries to help them grow
  10. internaional monetary fund (IMP)
    an international ban with 185 member nations that make short-term loans to developing countries experiencing balance-of-payment deficits
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