Phlebotomy Final Part 1

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  1. The Liquid portion of blood (plasma and serum) contains?
    • Nutients
    • Gases
    • Electrolytes
  2. The liquid portion of blood (plasma and serum) does NOT contain?
    • Red blood cells.
    • White blood cells.

    NOTE: remeber the Cells
  3. Where do you find the information on chemical safety in the work place?
    • MSDS
    • S.O.P's
    • company websight/internet.
  4. Why do we wipe away the first drop of blood on a capillary puncture?
    because it could be contaminated by cellular fluid or debries.
  5. What is the difference between plasma and serum?
    • Plasma = Clotting
    • Serum = No Clotting
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