Phlebotomy Final part2

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  1. Which 2 tube colors contain serum?
    • RED
    • GOLD

    NOTE: Clot tubes only contain serum
  2. Wh is the label on a urine sample placed on the side of the container?
    In case the lid is thrown away
  3. what is the most common urine sample?
    • Random
  4. Best Urine sample for Pregnancy?
    First Morning
  5. What urine sample requires you to throw away the first sample?
    Timed test
  6. for what urine sample must one fallow simple cleaning instaructions?
    Clean catch mid-stream
  7. The person who is ultimately responsible for the SOP"S for venipunctures being performed by the lab is?
    The Pathologist / Doctor
  8. The person who is responsible for Performing the venipuncture?
    The phlebotomist
  9. Name 4 tests that make up the liped panel.
    • LDL
    • HDL
    • Cholestoral
    • Triglis.
  10. what 5 things must be documented on every tube of blood drawn?
    • Patients Name
    • D.O.B
    • Time Date
    • Your Initials
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