Lect 4: Church Planting

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  1. Recognize the recommended ways for building a church planting team
    • Coordinate with the sending church on when, who, and how to recruit a church planting team
    • 1.Make agreed, specific, in-writing expectations
    • 2 The sending pastor may save you from taking people that will be troublesome
    • 3 There should be no surprises

    • Recommendations for the composition of a church plant team
    • 1 A strong, obvious leader as the church planter
    • 2 Four or five strong, called couples or singles who:
    • a. Share the church planter’s vision and values
    • b. Are committed to the church planter as a person
    • c. Are capable and responsible
    • d. Are available
    • e. Are teachable and responsive

    Consider how far you are moving; think about a staggered move.

    Pray for team members.

    Seek character and vision compatibility first.

    Use a functional, gift-oriented approach.

    Use a prayerful approach.

    Size considerations

    Set expectations. Be aware of the size of the church you are being sent from.

    Possible places and ways to recruit your team

    Financial and prayer support

    Personal support
  2. Match the key issues a church plant team faces with each stage/size of a church plant: 0-50 people, 50-100 people and 100-150 people.
    • 1. Key Issues for 0-50 People
    • 1.1 Gather people.

    1.1.1 Pray for the people you are inviting by name.

    1.2 Don’t waste time on legal or administrative issues.

    • 1.3 Why are you here?
    • 1.3.1 Be ready to answer, “Why are you here?” with your story and vision, not with, “I’m here to plant a church.”

    1.4 Create repeatable small groups.

    1.5 Focus your efforts on those that you don't have yet

    1.6 Prepare two teachings every week

    Set your culture towards those that don't know Jesus

    • 1. Key Issues for 50-100 People
    • 1.1 Keep inviting new people.
    • 1.1.1 Make sure that new people know you exist for the city

    • 1.2 Develop new leaders.
    • 1.2.1 Have a thought out process on how you will develop them

    1.2.2 Practice that process with those leaders you have

    1.3 The church personality should gel.

    • 1.4 Build commitment.
    • 1.4.1 Have many different kinds of roles

    1.4.2 Build a team of varied temperaments

    1.4.3 Don't say “no” for people

    • 1.5 Start working for the church at this time.
    • 1.5.1 Have your board think through benefits not just salary

    • 2. Key Issues for 100-150 People
    • 2.1 Look for an Assistant Pastor.
    • 2.1.1 A generalist

    2.1.2 Someone people look to as their pastor (like you)

    • 2.2 Deal with people who have their own agenda.
    • 2.2.1 Somebody with leadership gifts will significantly challenge the senior leadership authority.

    2.2.2 It is often somebody you really trusted, someone who has much influence.

    2.2.3 You finally have something worth fighting over.

    2.2.4 This usually results in a parting of the ways because of a vision conflict.

    2.2.5 You should call a Vineyard USA senior pastor for guidance.

    2.2.6 You must hold your authority without making them a martyr.

    2.3 Save as much money as possible.
  3. Recognize the eight questions you should answer before going public.
    1.1 What will your first six months of sermons include?

    1.2 What will you do about children?

    • 1.3 What materials will you provide to visitors?
    • 1.3.1 Set their expectations.

    1.3.2 Explain anything that may be unclear to the un-churched.

    • 1.4 Is your assimilation process built?
    • 1.4.1 How do people get acclimated to your church?

    1.4.2 What are your core beliefs?

    1.4.3 What about relationships and community?

    1.4.4 What about the sacraments?

    1.4.5 What about money?

    • 1.5 What is your budget?
    • 1.5.1 How do you collect money?

    1.5.2 How do you track and account for income and expenses?

    1.5.3 How will you be accountable for your use of people’s contributions?

    1.6 What is your church’s name?

    1.7 How will you inform people from the community that you are there?

    1.8 Who is on your board to oversee finances?
  4. Describe (in 1 sentence each) any four of the seven postmodern values to be aware of in order to understand postmodernity. Then list (in 1 phrase each) and explain (in 1 paragraph each) any four of the ten key values of emerging church plants that are impactful in a postmodern world.
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