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  1. 212-35 Incidents Involving Enforcement Personnel of Other
    When a uniformed member of the service is alleged to have used unnecessary forceagainst an on-duty enforcement agent of a specified agency or becomes involved in an incident that may result in such enforcement agent being arrested or issued a summons the PATROL SUPERVISOR will FIRST?
    attempt to obtain third party witnesses to the incident
  2. 212-35 Incidents Involving Enforcement Personnel of Other
    When a uniformed member of the service is alleged to have used unnecessary forceagainst an on-duty enforcement agent of a specified agency the PRECINCT COMMANDER/DUTY CAPTAIN will
    • Conduct investigation.
    • Confer with supervisory/managerial personnel of enforcement personnel involved.
    • Prepare three (3) copies of report on Typed Letterhead with details of incident and results of investigation and forward to: Chief of Department - Direct Chief of Department - through channels File - precinct of occurrence
  3. 212-37 Hazardous Materials
    Upon arrival at the scene of an incident involving suspected hazardous materialor if legality of a hazardous material shipment is questionable, the UMOS will?
    • Notify desk officer and Communications Section of facts and request response of
    • a. Patrol supervisor
    • b. Emergency Service Unit supervisor and personnel
    • c. Highway District Motor Carrier Safety Unit.
  4. 212-37 Hazardous Materials
    If ON - SCENE COORDINATOR is not available, who may request the activation of Mobile Decontamination Vehicle through the Operations Unit?
    • -Fire Department, deputy chief or above
    • -Department of Environmental Protection - Director, Hazardous Material Unit, assistant commissioner or above
    • - or Emergency Medical Service - Director or above
  5. 212-37 Hazardous Materials
    Have transcript of all Command Post Log entries prepared on Typed Letterhead and forwarded to Commanding Officer, Police Laboratory.
  6. 212-38 Hostage Barricaded Person
    In ANY hostage situation, there are three constants, what are they?
    • 1. When there is time to negotiate, all the time necessary to ensure the safety of all concerned will be used
    • 2. Deadly physical force will be used only as a last resort to protect the life of persons present
    • 3. The overriding goal is the safe release of the hostage.
  7. 212-38 Hostage Barricaded Person
    Who does the PRECINCT/ PSA/ DISTRICT COMMANDER/ DUTY CAPTAIN have respond in verified hostage or barricade situations?
    duty inspector and patrol borough commander or duty chief
  8. 212-38 Hostage Barricaded Person
    uniformed members of the service in the ranks of captain andabove will be cognizant of the provisions of the Department tactical manual entitled what?
    “Hostage Negotiations - Organizational and Tactical Guide.”
  9. 212-39 Vehicle Pursuits
    PATROL SUPERVISOR, PRECINCT ORIGINATING PURSUIT will Immediately after pursuit, prepare VEHICLE PURSUIT REPORT(PD371-153) and forward report to commanding officer, precinct originating pursuit, but what does he do with it?
    • Review and endorse patrol supervisor’s report (include statement regarding disciplinary action) and have copies forwarded, as follows:
    • a. Commanding Officer, Personnel Safety Desk (original and copy through channels)
    • b. Borough Safety Officer
    • c. Commanding officers of members involved in pursuit (attach SUPERVISOR’S COMPLAINT REPORT (PD468-123), if prepared).
  10. 212-39 Vehicle Pursuits
    COMMANDING OFFICER OF MEMBER INVOLVED INPURSUIT will do what with any reports(including discipline)?
    Determine and take appropriate disciplinary action (command discipline,charges and specifications, etc.) and notify Borough Safety Officer. Have a copy of all reports prepared placed in personal folder of members involved.
  11. 212-43 Vacate Orders for Residential Buildings
    Regarding vacate orders for Residential Buildings the Patrol Supervisor will consult with the duty captain if:?
    • a. Reasonable doubt concerning the agency representative’s authority or the validity of the vacate order exists
    • b. A large number of residents must be relocated
    • c. Occupants refuse to vacate premises
    • d. Any potential for violence
    • e. Any other sensitive or dangerous conditions exists.
  12. 212-43 Vacate Orders for Residential Buildings
    Whenever an agency issuing a vacate order determines that vacated premises must be secured against re-entry, the agency concerned will notify and make arrangements with?
    the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (DHPD) which is responsible for sealing and/or demolishing vacated premises.
  13. 212-43 Vacate Orders for Residential Buildings
    What is the Department of Housing Preservation and Development is responsible for regarding vacate orders?

    What is the Police Department responsible for?
    • Department of Housing Preservation and Development -sealing the building, or providing sufficient security to prevent it from being reoccupied, within seventy-two (72) hours of the enforcement of the vacate order.
    • Uniformed members of the service- will take appropriate interim measures to secure the premises against re-entry.
  14. 212-43 Vacate Orders for Residential Buildings\
    WHO may issue vacate orders?
    • -Department of Buildings
    • -Department of Health
    • -FireDepartment
    • -and Department of Housing Preservation and Development

    The agency issuing the vacate order will serve any necessary summonses.
  15. 212-50 Aircraft Violations
    When an airport, heliport or seaplane base is operating without a permit issued by theNew York City Economic Development Corporation or in violation of the permit, the precinct commander will make a notification to?
    • the Economic Development Corporation and prepare and forward two (2) copies of a report to
    • -the Chief of Department and one(1) copy to
    • -the Commanding Officer, Aviation Unit.
  16. 212-51 Response to Work Disruptions at City Construction
    This Department and the Mayor’s Office of Construction have developed a protocol to be followed by members of the service and City agencies concerning work disruptions at City construction sites, what are they?
    • a. Posting of “No Trespassing” signs at construction sites.
    • b. Designation of an authorized agent to act as a liaison with personnel of this Department.
    • c. Availability of agency representatives to act as complainants in criminal cases.
  17. 212-53 Command Responsibilities When a Person Dies or Sus
    Whenever a person dies while in police custody or sustains death or serious injury inconnection with a police activity, or sustains death or injury resulting from a police firearms discharge, forward copy of Typed Letterhead to?
    Deputy Commissioner –Strategic Initiatives
  18. 212-56 Diplomatic Incidents
    Do not enter headquarters district of United Nations to perform official duty without consent of ?
    Secretary General
  19. 212-56 Diplomatic Incidents
    Who notifies the precinct commander/duty captain if the incident is of a serious nature ?
    The desk officer will notify the precinct commander/duty captain
  20. 212-59 Vertical Patrol
    The number of police officers that are required to conduct a particular vertical assignment should be based on WHAT?
    • -the size of the location
    • -the number and location of exits
    • - the nature of the crimes being addressed.
  21. 212-59 Vertical Patrol
    Confer with WHO to identify buildings appropriate for vertical patrol?
    members of the community
  22. 212-59 Vertical Patrol
    The COMMANDING OFFICER will maintain
    lists of potential vertical patrol locations and update as necessary, what three things are included in the list?
    • Lists will include:
    • (1) Address and description of location
    • (2) Nature of problem(s) or condition(s)
    • (3) Times when illegal activity is prevalent
  23. 212-64 Vehicle Checkpoints
    COMMANDING OFFICER CONCERNED will establish vehicle checkpoints for the primary purpose of WHAT?
    a DWI check or vehicle safety check.

    All other purposes other than in emergency circumstances cannot be conducted without prior written approval from the Deputy Commissioner, Legal Matters.
  24. 212-64 Vehicle Checkpoints
  25. 212-64 Vehicle Checkpoints
    If the vehicle checkpoint is established by a command other than a precinct, the commanding officer concerned shall?
    confer with the precinct concerned before implementing the checkpoint.
  26. 212-65 Bicycle Patrol.
    Who will the COMMANDING OFFICER select as the bicycle coordinator?
    community policing supervisor/counterpart
  27. 212-67 Police.Clergy Program
    How does the PRECINCT COMMANDER nominate a member of the clergy to fill vacancies?
    • utilizing nomination form
    • -Nominations should not exceed more than five (5) per precinct.
  28. Interim Order 16(10) - "U" Visa Certification
    According to this procedure, what is a qualifying official, a certifying agency, and a “certifying officer.”
    • -qualifying official- (such as, but not limited to, a law enforcement officer, prosecutor or judge)
    • -certifying agency-(i.e., the New York City Police Department)
    • -“certifying officer.” The Police Commissioner is the New York City Police Department’s designated “certifying officer"
  29. Interim Order 11(11) Revision to PG 212-73 "Bicycle Registration Program"
    According to this procedure, what is a Ghost bike?
    Ghost bike-a bicycle that has been placed on public property andapparently intended as a memorial for someone who is deceased
  30. Interim Order 11(11) Revision to PG 212-73 "Bicycle Registration Program"
    Regarding New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) removal and disposal of derelict bicycles and this procedure, where must the DESK OFFICER record details of derelict bicycle removal by New York City Department of Sanitation?
    Derelict Bicycle Removal Log, utilizing a separate section of the Department record book containing the Bicycle Registration Log or computerized database
  31. I.O.31_11_ LANGUAGE LINE.
    According to this procedure, If you're an employee of this department and you have the ability to utilize American Sign Language, in addition to speaking English, you are?
  32. I.O.31_11_ LANGUAGE LINE
    Through who can you recieve the departments' TELEPHONIC INTERPRETATION SERVICE twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week via the telephonic interpretation service equipped Department cellular telephone.?
    available through the patrol supervisor or the dual handset telephone located in every precinct complaint room, detective squad, police service area (PSA) and transit district complaint room.
  33. I.O.31_11_ LANGUAGE LINE.
    In exigent circumstances and emergency situations, what are the three factors the member of the service must consider to determine if the use of the non-employee interpreter is helpful
    • a. The nature and importance of the police services being provided
    • b. The apparent capacity of the interpreter
    • c. The apparent impartiality of the interpreter
  34. I.O.31_11_ LANGUAGE LINE.
    Unit commanders should consider what whenever members are utilized to translate or interpret?
    The members’ certification or qualification status whenever members are utilized to translate or interpret.
  35. Interim Order 70(09) - Revision to PG 212-04, "Crime Scene"
    The "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" barrie tape is what color and is utilized for what?
    • -Consists of white non-adheasive plastic tape imprinted with blue lettering stating "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS"
    • -Utilized in order to establish and or create a secure area for police related operations, can be used to close streets, secure buildings, secure transit facilities, close areas to the public.
  36. I.O. 23 s.08 Operation Safe Store
    Who will the PRECINCT COMMANDING OFFICER CONCERNED assign ________as Operation Safe Store Coordinator for the precinct?
    special operations lieutenant
  37. I.O. 23 s.08 Operation Safe Store
    Borough and precinct commanders will continue to prepare “Small Grocery, Deli and Bodega Robbery Report” and forward same where and how frequently?
    WITH weekly COMPSTAT reports.
  38. I.O. 23 s.08 Operation Safe Store
    If program location closes, moves, changes store type, or if any other activity/incident occurs at location that precludes continuation in the program (i.e. false report, crime committed by store owner, etc.) WHO will the PRECINCT COMMANDING OFFICER CONCERNED notify?
    • -Chief of Department
    • - Chief of Patrol
    • - Patrol Borough concerned
    • - Office of Management Analysis and Planning
    • - and T.A.R.U.
  39. 212-70 Civilian Commendation I.O. 19 s.04
    The purpose of this procedure is to recognize civilians other than members of the service for valuable assistance rendered to the Police Department or the community in the area of public safety, quality of life, and/or police-community relations. Who prepares the
  40. 212-74 Community Notification Protocol
    Where are copies of the community notification roster maintained?
    AND where are copies forwarded to (2 places)?
    • -at the desk
    • -the community affairs office
    • and the community policing unit office for immediate access
    • -In addition, the commanding officer must have a copy at all times

    • Copies of the rosters should be forwarded to:
    • -the borough concerned
    • -and the Operations Unit
    • - as well as the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Community Affairs, through channels
  41. 212-74 Community Notification Protocol
    Commanding officers will ensure that information contained on the community notification roster is updated as needed and updated information is forwarded to?
    • -the borough concerned
    • -Operations Unit
    • -Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Community Affairs.
  42. 212-92 Use of Tear Gas
    RANKING UNIFORMED MEMBER OF THE SERVICE AT SCENE will notify radio dispatcher and request who?
    • a. Precinct commander/duty captain
    • b. Borough commander or designee
    • c. Emergency Service REP Unit and truck
    • d. Emergency Service Unit supervisor.
  43. 212-92 Use of Tear Gas
    The final determination on which medical facility to use to bring contaminated persons rests with?
    the Emergency Medical Service borough supervisor
  44. 212-93 Use of Department Canine Teams
    PRECINCT COMMANDER/DUTY CAPTAIN CONCERNED will prepare report on Typed Letterhead detailing tactical uses of canine teams within the command and maintain appropriate records and forward copy of report where?
    • to canine coordinator through the Special
    • Operations Division
  45. 212-93 Use of Department Canine Teams
    Canine teams will not be used for?
    • -crowd control or
    • -as a deterrent at peaceful demonstrations

    Request for use of canine teams at other than peaceful demonstrations requires the prior approval of the Chief of Patrol
  46. 212-93 Use of Department Canine Teams
    Prior to requesting a Department bloodhound, it must be determined that a good, uncontaminated scent article has been identified and will be safeguarded until the arrival of the bloodhound handler. The article is not to be handled by anyone, including members of the service. If it must be moved or collected, consult with?
    a canine handler for instructions prior to removal
  47. 212-99 Amber Alert
    What is the necessary protocol for determining whether a case qualifies for an Amber Alert?
    • -The child must be 17 years old or younger
    • -And Police must believe that the child is in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death, either at the hands of another or due to proven mental or physical disability.
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