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  1. Adaptations
    A body or behavior that helps a living thing survive in its environment.
  2. BehaviorBehavoiior
    The way that a plant or animal acts.
  3. Aquatic animal
    An animal that lives in a water habitat such as a lake, pond, river, stream,swamp, marsh, or the ocean.
  4. Camouflage
    The coloring,markings, or other physical features of an animal that help it blend with its surroundings.
  5. Carnivorous plant
    A plant that gets some of its nutrients by trapping and digesting insects and other small animals.
  6. Hibernate
    To go into a deep sleep during cold months when food is hard to find.
  7. Migrate
    To move to warmer regions during cold months when food becomes scarce.
  8. Mimicry
    An adaption that allows an animal to project itself by looking like another kind of living thing that is poisonous or otherwise harmful.
  9. Prey
    Any animal that is hunted for food by another animal.
  10. Talons
    Curved claws that help a bird grab and hold prey.
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