Consumer Behaviour

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  1. Self-concept
    the attitude a person holds towards him or herself
  2. Self-Esteem
    it refers to the positivity of your attitude towards yourself
  3. Ideal Self
    It's the person's conception of how he or she would like to be
  4. Actual Self
    The more realistic appraisal of the qualities we do and dont have.
  5. Impression Management
    where we work hard to manager what others think of us
  6. Virtual identity
    cyber space; avatar.
  7. Computer MEdiated-environment
    virtual worlds.
  8. Avatars
    Virtual identity
  9. Symbolic Interactionism
    • It stresses that relationship with other people play a large
    • part in forming the self
  10. Looking-glass self
    • This process of imaginating the reaction of others towards
    • us is known as...
  11. Public Self Consciousness
    are more interested in clothes and tend to be heavier user of cosmetics
  12. Symbolic Self-completion theory
    it predicts hta people who have an incomplete self-definition tend to complete this identity by acquiring and displaying symbols associated with it
  13. Self-image congruence models
    it preditcs that products will be chosen when their attributes match some aspects of the self
  14. Extended Self
    Those external objects that we consider a part of uscomprise the the...
  15. Consumers define themselves by referring to 4 levels of extended self
    Individual level, Family Level, Community Level and Group level
  16. Agentic goals
    it stresses self-assertion and mastery
  17. Communal goals
    women oriented; such as affiliation and the fostering of hormonious relations.
  18. sex-typed traits
    characteristics that are sterotypically with one gender or the other.
  19. Androgyny
    it refers to the possession of both masculine and feminine traits
  20. gender-bending products
    traditionally sex-typedadapted to the opposite gender
  21. Contemporary Young Mainstream Female Achievers
    intentify different roles these women play in different contexts.
  22. Metrosexual
    A stright urban male who exhibits strong interest and knowledge regarding products such as fashion, home design gourmet cooking and personal design that run counter to the traditional male sex role.
  23. ubersexual
    juts like metro
  24. Body image
    it refers to a consumer;s subjective evaluation of his and her physical self
  25. Body Cathexis
    It refers to the emotional significance of some object or idea to a person, and some parts of the body are more central to self concept than others
  26. Ideal of Beauty
    is a particular model, or exemplar, of apperance
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