CB 7

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  1. Attitude
    a lasting general evaluation of people, objects, or issues
  2. Attitube object (Ao)
    Tangible and Intangible things
  3. Functional Theory of Attitudes
    it explains how attitudes facilitates social behavious.
  4. Affect
    it refers to the way a consumer feels abount an attitude object.
  5. Bahaviour
    It involves the person's intentions to do something with regard to an object
  6. Cognition
    It refers to the beliefs a consumer has about an attitude object
  7. Hierarchy of effects
    it explains the relative impact of the 3 components
  8. Attitude towards the advertisement (Aad)
    it's defined as a predisposition to respond in a favourable or unfavourable manner to a particular advertising stimulus during a particular exposure occasion
  9. Principle of Cognitive consistency
    consumers value harmony among their thoughts, feelings, abd behavious, and they are motivated to maintain uniformity among these elements
  10. Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
    It states that when a person is confronted with inconsistencies among attitudes or behaviours, he or she will take some action to resolve this "dissonance," perhaps by changing an attitude or modifying behaviour
  11. Self-perception theory
    it provides an alternative explanation of dissonance effects
  12. Foot in door Technique
    which is based on the observation that a consumer is more likely to comply with a request if he or she has first agreed to comply with a smaller request
  13. Social Judgement Theory
    It assumes that people assimilate new information about attitude objects in the light of what they already know or feel
  14. Latitudes of acceptance and rejection
    Information they find acceptable or unacceptable
  15. Balance Theory
    It considers relations among elements a person might perceive as belonging together
  16. multi-attribute attitude models
    It assumes thay a consumer's attributes (evaluation) of an attitude objective (Ao)will depend on the beliefs he or she has about several or many attributes of the object
  17. Theory of reasoned action
    it measures a consumer's attitude towards a product.
  18. Subjective norm (SN)
    What we believe other ppl think we should do.
  19. Attitude toward the act of buying (Aact)
    It focuses on the perceived consequences of a purchase
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