GRE Essential Words P

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  1. Pacean
    song of joy or triumph; a ferverent expression of joy
  2. Paleontology
    study of past geological eras through fossil remains
  3. Pallid
    lacking color or liveliness
  4. Panegyic
    elaborate praise; formal hmn or praise
  5. Paragon
    model of excellence or perfection
  6. Partisan
    one-sided; committed to a party, group, or cause prejudiced
  7. Pathological
    departing from normal condition
  8. Patois
    a regional dialect; nonstandard speech; jargon
  9. Paucity
  10. Pedantic
    showing off learning
  11. Pellucid
    transparent; teanslucnet; easily understood
  12. Penchant
  13. Penury
    extreme poverty
  14. Peregrination
    wanding from place to place
  15. Peremptory
    imperative; leaving no choice
  16. Perennial
    present thoughout the years; persistent
  17. Perfidious
    faithless; disloyal; untrustworthy
  18. Perfunctory
    superfucical; not thorough; performed really as a duty
  19. Perifgee
    point in an orbit that is closest to the earth
  20. Permable
  21. Perturb
    to disturbed greatly; make uneasy and anxious; cause a body to deviate from its regulat orbit
  22. Pervasive
    spread throughout every part
  23. Petulant
    rude; peevish
  24. Pheonix
    anything; that is restored after suffering great destruction
  25. Physiognomy
    facial features
  26. Piety
  27. Pique
    fleeting feeling of hurt people
  28. Piquant
    appealingly stimulating; pleasantly pungent; attractive
  29. Placate
    to lessen another's anger; to pacify
  30. Placidq
  31. Plaintive
    melancholy; mournful
  32. Plasiticity
    condition of being able to be shaped or formed
  33. Platitude
    stale; overused expression
  34. Platonic
    spiritual; without sensual desire; theoretical
  35. Plethora
    excess; overablundance
  36. Plumb
    to determine depth; to examine deeply
  37. Plumment
    to fall; plunge
  38. Plutocracy
    society ruled ny the wealthy
  39. Porous
    full of holes; permeable to liquids
  40. Poseur
    person who affects an attitude or identity to impress others
  41. Pragmatic
  42. Prate
    to talk idly; chatter
  43. Prattle
    meaningless, foolish talk
  44. Precarious
  45. Percept
    principle; law
  46. Precipitate
    • to cause to happen; thrown down from a height v.
    • rash; hasty; sudden adj.
  47. Precursor
    forerunner; predecessor
  48. Preempt
    to supersede; appropriate for oneself
  49. Prehensile
    caplable of grasping
  50. Presage
    to foretell; indicate in advance
  51. Presumptuous
    rude; improperly bold
  52. Prevaricate
    to quibble; evade the truth
  53. Primordial
    original; existing from the beginning
  54. Pristine
    intouched; uncorrupted
  55. Probity
    honestly; high-mindedness
  56. Prodigal
    wasteful; extravagant; lavish
  57. Prohibitive
    so high as to prevent the purchase or use of; preventing; forbidding
  58. Proliferate
    to increase rapidly
  59. Propensity
    to win ofer; appease
  60. Propriety
    correct conduct; fitness
  61. Proscribe
    to condemn; forbid; outlaw
  62. Provident
    providing fo future needs; frugal
  63. Puissant
  64. Punctilious
    careful in observing rules of behavior or ceremony
  65. Pungent
    strong or shape in smell or taste; penetrating caustic; to the point
  66. Purport
    to profess; suppose; claim
  67. Pusillanimous
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